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We cover all areas of event activities that utilise photography and video. We always have the latest technology and the very best equipment.  Green screen photography is our speciality and is a truly memorable and engaging interactive experience suitable for any event. Guests are transported into unique 3D virtual scenes created especially for you.  Stunning studio quality branded photographs are instantly uploaded to mobile phones and email and also shared live on popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, gaining maximum exposure for your event. We print instantly and produce a whole range of branded products for guests to take away, a lasting reminder of their experience with you.  Full Frame Events also provide the latest Ultra Booth, Magic Mirror and Gif Station activities.  See our portfolio of events here
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Our portable Green screen video system is a unique activity that draws the crowds at any event. Your guests can star in a movie, sing on stage in a musical, present a TV show, score a winning try, smash a six or celebrate a touchdown! Anything is possible. The video is created live by Full Frame Events with special effects, branding and titles, and shown live on big screens. The movies can be streamed live to the web, uploaded instantly to social media, viewed on our iPad app or given away on branded USB sticks. We've travelled all over the worlds and appeared at the most prestigious events. Until now green screen video was out of the reach of most budgets, we've made it an affordable reality. Our systems are compact, portable and complete. Our staff are highly trained, very presentable  and great with guests. 
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Latest Events

Diesel BAD Tour with Live Green Screen Video and GIF Booth - 30/09/2016
The Diesel BAD tour was a truly fun activation to be a part of. We visited Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester and London. We set up our portable green screen video system in the back of the Diesel truck, allowing guests to ride a real motorcyle through the desert in the USA. Guests could then email the video to themselves using our instant upload social media app. This also automatically entered them into a competiton to win the very bike they were riding. 

As well as the live green screen video system we also set up our GIF booth at the end of the bed that was set up in the 'Bad Boys Batchelor Pad.'
This allowed guests to take a series of photos on the bed and then instantly text, email or upload the moving Gif image to social media. Here is an example of how it should be done!

and this shows how many people we can fit onto our wide angle lens from just a couple of feet away!


The truck travelled from Glasgow to London via Newcastle and Manchester. Thanks to everyone who came along and the great team we worked with for the duration. 

Here's the whole 'BAD' crew together.
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Green Screen Photography at the Sausage Party Multimedia Screening in Leicester Square - 18/09/2016
In case you haven't seen it, Sausage Party is HILARIOUS. So we were flattered to be asked to provide live green screen photography with instant print outs and social media uploads for the multimedia screening.

Time was of the essence to we only had one green screen background choice. In the hour we worked before the film started we managed to photograph, green screen and print out over 160 photographs. Everyone got one and we treated ourselves to some of the gourmet hot dogs provided at the end of the event.

For events where time is short with a huge amounts of guests we cannot be beaten on speed. We are many times faster than a photo booth, and we can add extra work stations if required. We did a conference of over 2000 guests and managed to get everyone through in an hour with multiple photographers shooting to multiple photolabs. Our record still stands at 355 photographs shot, green screened and printed in 45 minutes with just one photographer and one operator! Here's how the setup looked. Everything is wireless and we don't need messy tripods, cables or hot studio lights. The creases on the green screen are removed just before we start by tightening the frame by the way.

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Green Screen Photo Booth at Parallel London with Gatwick Airport - 15/09/2016
Four years on from the magical Paralympic Games in London, Parallel London took place at the Queen Elizabeth Park. Our friends from Gatwick airport, for whom we have provided many green screen photography soloutions for before, were one of the main sponsors. 

We set up our green screen photostation which allows guests to instantly see themselves green screened onto the background of their choice. Backgrounds included various locations around the world that you can fly to from Gatwick Airport.

It was a truely inspirational day, meeting people of all backgrounds and abilities with the same goal of taking part in the different races. Everyone loved their instant green screen photographs and the Gatwick Airport stand was extremely busy all day.

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