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We cover all areas of event activities that utilise photography and video. We always have the latest technology and the very best equipment.  Green screen photography is our speciality and is a truly memorable and engaging interactive experience suitable for any event. Guests are transported into unique 3D virtual scenes created especially for you.  Stunning studio quality branded photographs are instantly uploaded to mobile phones and email and also shared live on popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, gaining maximum exposure for your event. We print instantly and produce a whole range of branded products for guests to take away, a lasting reminder of their experience with you.  Full Frame Events provide the most engaging video and photography activities at the lowest costs! See our portfolio of events here
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Our portable Green screen video system is a unique activity that draws the crowds at any event. Your guests can star in a movie, sing on stage in a musical, present a TV show, score a winning try, smash a six or celebrate a touchdown! Anything is possible. The video is created live by Full Frame Events with special effects, branding and titles, and shown live on big screens. The movies can be streamed live to the web, uploaded instantly to social media, viewed on our iPad app or given away on branded USB sticks. We've travelled all over the worlds and appeared at the most prestigious events. Until now green screen video was out of the reach of most budgets, we've made it an affordable reality. Our systems are compact, portable and complete. Our staff are highly trained, very presentable  and great with guests. 
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Latest Events

Green Screen Video with instant Social Sharing with Vespa Scooter - 06/08/2016
The portable green screen video studio went on tour around various Vodafone offices including the HQ to let staff know about their amazing new service. If you have Vodafone Business you can get a replacement phone within 4 hours! So we gave employees a chance to try out the new Vodafone scooters on a live green screen video experience. They got chased by a T-Rex, blasted by lightning, had to avoid a Rhino and more. But they all delivered the phone! They also got a keyring with a green screen photo presented at the end of each video, and could share the video live instantly by text, email and to facebook, twitter, and instagram. The studio had to be moved around during the day so we couldnt fix it down as neatly as usual but it all worked perfectly . Here's a little video showing it in action.
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Live Green Screen Video at all the Hyde Park concerts for Amazon - 05/08/2016
We managed to get a full size live green screen video and photography studio into a small 3m square gazebo for an amazing six days working for Amazon at the British Summer Time festival at Hyde Park London. The brief was to entertain the VIP guests and Artists backstage in the Amazon Tickets private Garden. The guests had great fun dressing up and appearing live on our Virtual Great Oak Stage. We also utilsed the green screen and took a professionally green screened photograph at the start of each "live appearance" Here's an example...

The guests could see themselves live as we cut away to crowd scenes and back to the guests, then at the end of each "set" they could instantly watch the finished video and then share it straight to their mobile phones, by email, or on social media. Everyone had a great time starring in their own video and were delighted to receive a printed photograph instantly. Here's a very quick hand shot video showing some of what we do. We don;t like to give away our secrets but you'll see some of the kit we squeezed into a 3m square gazebo!

Here is a link to a facebooked video. We can get our videos to upload live to mobile phones, email addresses, facebook, instagram and even twitter! It's done using special compression but we still manage to keep the videos at high definition. You can see many more jobs on our website under green screen video, we can't put up every job we do here as we have four teams working every day, but jobs like this are our favourites so we made the effort!
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Vintage GIF booth at The Open 2016 with HSBC - 04/08/2016
Once again we were invited back to The HSBC Fan Zone at The Open 2016 hosted at Royal Troon Golf Course. We were tasked with adapting our iPad Gif Booth to make it look as if it was old fashioned, to represent the history of the course.  We set to work on acquiring an old bellows camera and mahogany tripod which after several hours of DIY was finally ready to mount an iPad Pro mini. We use the iPad pro mini as the front facing camera is far superior to all other models of iPads. This allows for much greater image quality, which as professional photographers is important for us. Here's a little video of it working. You can see the whole scene below. 

The GIF booth system was manned by an operator for 10 days and worked without any issues what so ever. Each day we were able to remotely monitor all of the uploads, texts/emails/facebook/twitter/instagram. We also provided the client with analytics to show the social spread each day, by the end of the tournament our GIF's had been viewed over 20,000 times on various peoples social media accounts.

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