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Stunning studio quality video and photographs instantly with full social media integration. Find out more...
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We cover all areas of event activities that utilise photography and video. Full Frame Events are always the first to have the latest technology.  We already have 3D and immersive 360 degree augmented booths, the best Magic Mirror, and the latest portable Gif Station technologies.  Green screen photography is our speciality and is a truly memorable and engaging interactive experience suitable for any event.

Guests are transported into unique 3D virtual scenes created especially for you.  Stunning studio quality branded photographs are instantly uploaded to mobile phones and email and also shared live on popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, gaining maximum exposure for your event. We print instantly and share live!  See our portfolio of events here
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Our portable Green screen video system is a unique activity that draws the crowds at any event. Your guests can star in a movie, sing on stage in a musical, present a TV show, score a winning try, smash a six or celebrate a touchdown! Anything is possible. The video is created live by Full Frame Events with special effects, branding and titles, and shown live on big screens. The movies can be streamed live to the web, uploaded instantly to social media, viewed on our iPad app or given away on branded USB sticks. We've travelled all over the worlds and appeared at the most prestigious events. Until now green screen video was out of the reach of most budgets, we've made it an affordable reality. Our systems are compact, portable and complete. Our staff are highly trained, very presentable  and great with guests. 
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Latest Events

The Infinity Booth can do all of this and more! - 25/11/2016
Our new Infinity Booth won product of the year at the Las vegas 2016 Expo. It does so much we thought it best to quickly make some videos showing the features. So here you find videos showing green screen photography, morphing, animated GIF movies, face swaps, social media sharing and the slideshows we can create to show on big screens with adverts at events. 

We will shortly be adding another post showing the latest 3D 360 degree green screen option which was announced today at IAPPA in the USA, and also Light painting, Green Screen Video, Video interviews, Video Karaoke and more, so keep watching.

By the way, whatever activity we do, the pricing is always the same and although this is an extremely expensive piece of kit pricing starts at just £585.00 !
Green Screen Photography:

Green Screen Animated GIF Movie

Morphing Activity

Green Screen Face Swap

Social Sharing at Events

Big Screen Output with Adverts at Events

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LATA Green Screen Photography with Social Media Uploads for The World Travel Awards - 23/11/2016
For a second year we were invited by our good friends at the Latin American Tourism Association to provide green screen photography at their party after the World Travel Awards. 

As Latin America spans such a huge area we were spoilt with options for green screen background images. We had exotic locations from Patagonia in Argentina all the way up to the Aztek Pyramids in Mexico.

It was a really great party hosted at Barrio East, Shoreditch, just down the road from our London office.

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Magic Mirror at Asda Andover Magical Day - 23/11/2016
Our brand new Magic Mirror features a full frame Canon 6D camera along with a real toughened glass mirrored facia ensuring the highest quality image, different to others in the market. This system looks like a Mirror, you can't see the camera, there are no messy lights on top, the photographs appear from the side, and as we have an Alienware tucked inside it is super fast! Here's a little video showing it working. It's truly magic, ask the kids! 


We installed custom Magic Mirror animations specially branded for Asda to help create a truely magical experience in their Andover store. After posing for three seperate photos, shoppers could then sign their image on the mirror by hand. Whilst we printed out their 7x5" instant print, we invited them over to the iPads where they could use our social media sharing app to upload their images instantly.
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