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We cover all areas of event activities that utilise photography and video. We always have the latest technology and the very best equipment.  Green screen photography is our speciality and is a truly memorable and engaging interactive experience suitable for any event. We work with 3D cameras so don't even need a Green Screen! Guests are transported into unique 3D virtual scenes created especially for you.  Stunning studio quality branded photographs are instantly uploaded and shared on popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, gaining maximum exposure for your event. We print instantly and produce a whole range of branded products for guests to take away, a lasting reminder of their experience with you.  Full Frame Events provide the most engaging video and photography activities at the lowest costs! See our portfolio of events here. We don't hide our Pricing, it's all here
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Our portable Green screen video system is a unique activity that draws the crowds at any event. Your guests can star in a movie, sing on stage in a musical, present a TV show, score a winning try, smash a six or celebrate a touchdown! Anything is possible. The video is created live by Full Frame Events with special effects, branding and titles, and shown live on big screens. The movies can be streamed live to the web, uploaded instantly to social media, viewed on our iPad app or given away on branded USB sticks. We've travelled all over the worlds and appeared at the most prestigious events. Until now green screen video was out of the reach of most budgets, we've made it an affordable reality. Our systems are compact, portable and complete. Our staff are highly trained, very presentable  and great with guests. 
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Latest Events

FA Cup Wembley Green Screen Photography - 25/05/2016
We took the portable Green Screen Studio to Wembley Stadium in London for the Women's FA Cup. This week alone we've covered the FA Cup, The FA Trophy and the FA Vase! So Wembley is like a second home to us. It's always extremely busy and when you have 80,000 people in a stadium you need to know about networks. We are on EE with our portable WiFi so had no problems photographing, green screening, printing and sharing thousands of photos live. Here's Elaine posing for a test shot with the Trophy. 

We have a new electronic image stabiliser for our Camera systems and got one for the iPhone too so when we get a chance we can grab a little video of our different green screen setups. Here's a glimpse before we tidied up everything ready to start. It's very neat and we don't need tripods, studio lights or other messy gimmicks. In fact the speedlights with umbrellas are only there because the client wanted it to look like a photo studio. 

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Live view Green Screen Photography at Exhibitions with instant prints and social shares - 13/05/2016
We've worked for market leaders Stokke before promoting their amazing baby products, so when they needed live view green screen photography they invited us back. It's always a great compliment to get repeat business, and after the success of the London Baby show we travelled up to Birmingham for this 3 day event. Our unique Photo Station holds a powerful PC and a Pro DSLR camera. It produces stunning photographs and lets guests share instantly on Social Media. It's also a very compact system as you can see

As guests stand in front of the reen screen they see themselves live on the screen in the actual scene. They can choose from dozens of scenes and instantly see the results. When the photo is taken we print it instantly and then guests can share it by entering their mobile phone number, email, or by logging into facebook, twitter and instagram. It's all super quick and everything is fully branded. We can track all social shares to give a report at the end of the event. Here's a test shot of Luke with the Baby Carrier.

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Smallest Green Screen Photo setup ever....and it's Blue! - 12/05/2016
We were asked if we could put guests into the Haka using a green screen photography setup with instant photographs and live social media sharing. No problem at all for us as it's what we do, but as it was for AIG the client wanted a blue screen. And as there was no space on the stand for our usual green or bkue screen setup, we created this minute but workable tiny Blue screen!

All we needed was a closeup shot of the guests head and seconds later the photo was printed, and ready to be shared by texting, email, facebook, twitter and instagram. Everyone was delighted with the neat setup, using a wireless Nikon D5 we get much higher quality images much faster than anyone else. And there are no messy cables, tripods or hot studio lights. Here's the final product. 

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