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We cover all areas of event activities that utilise photography and video. We always have the latest technology and the very best equipment.  Green screen photography is our speciality and is a truly memorable and engaging interactive experience suitable for any event. We work with 3D cameras so don't even need a Green Screen! Guests are transported into unique 3D virtual scenes created especially for you.  Stunning studio quality branded photographs are instantly uploaded and shared on popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, gaining maximum exposure for your event. We print instantly and produce a whole range of branded products for guests to take away, a lasting reminder of their experience with you.  Full Frame Events provide the most engaging video and photography activities at the lowest costs! See our portfolio of events here. We don't hide our Pricing, it's all here
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Our portable Green screen video system is a unique activity that draws the crowds at any event. Your guests can star in a movie, sing on stage in a musical, present a TV show, score a winning try, smash a six or celebrate a touchdown! Anything is possible. The video is created live by Full Frame Events with special effects, branding and titles, and shown live on big screens. The movies can be streamed live to the web, uploaded instantly to social media, viewed on our iPad app or given away on branded USB sticks. We've travelled all over the worlds and appeared at the most prestigious events. Until now green screen video was out of the reach of most budgets, we've made it an affordable reality. Our systems are compact, portable and complete. Our staff are highly trained, very presentable  and great with guests. 
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Latest Events

Augmented Booth for British Airways at Gatwick - 28/04/2016
We took the new Augmented Reality system to Gatwick Airport to help launch British Airways excellent new direct flight to Costa Rica. Because the Airport is so busy there was no room for a conventional green screen and pro photographer with lighting. So we setup the System in a small area above the staircase. This system doesn't need a green screen as the 3D camera detects the people and isolates them from the background automatically. This lets us show videos or still images with the guests in front and with an overlay of branding or effects. So we can produce photos like this without a green screen.

This is Luke in his hi-vis during setup the night before. This was in the usual lighting inside the terminal building, we couldn't use any extra lighting as that would be a trip hazard to the busy concourse. It is actually quite amazing how well the 3D camera picks out the person. We get much higher quality results using a pro photographer with a wireless camera sending directly to a dedicated Green Screen Alienware system with a skilled operator. That's to be expected when you are using the very best equipment, software and skilled staff. But for a fun snap produced quickly with no green screen it's actually pretty good! Here is an example of one of the fun GIF's we produced the next morning.

Animated augmented reality GIF

One thing we did learn is that the huge windows at Gatwick combined with the brightest sunrise we have ever seen are not ideal for the 3D camera! We really should have brought some of our led lighting to light the guests, but this was the first time this new system had been used. The guests loved the fact we could change videos in the background instantly. They could choose either a photo or to create a GIF, or both. We printed the photos instantly and the guests could also instantly share the videos, GIF's and photos. We used our special iPad app for that, they could enter a mobile phone and receive the images instantly, or use email, facebook, instagram, or twitter. This was very popular as usual.

Here's the Captain and crew of the inaugural flight having fun very early the next morning.
We love using new technologies to offer exciting and innovative activities. We learn something each time we do an event and we really enjoy helping people to have fun. At the same time there is a very serious side to what we do and we always work hard to represent the Brand professionally. We didn't use this system to it's full extent as guests can also use augmented reality 3D props such as Hats, glasses, foam hands, Trophies, anything you think of we can create. That makes it even more fun and it's something we will be showing here on the Blog. You can see more about this system here. 
Full pricing is also available on our pricing page. We don't hide our pricing, we are proud to be sensible and prefer to be busy. 


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Magic Mirror added to our Portfolio of Amazing Activities! - 21/04/2016
We have created the ultimate Magic Mirror to entertain your guests. They see themselves in the full length Mirror which talks to them and encourages them to pose and have fun. Guests sign their creations on the Mirror itself and Photographs are printed instantly. Unlike other Mirrors our has a built-in 3D camera which means guests can be green screened into any scene without a green screen!

We also use a Full Frame DSLR inside for the ultimate quality. There are no holes in our Mirror and it’s full length! It also takes very little space. We can create custom animations for your brand or you can use the ones in our library. For Childrens parties we have a fully animated set of cartoon characters! Then they can share them on Social Media using our smart Social Sharing app which you can find out more about here. 

Full details about the Magic Mirror are on our website here.  Pricing starts at just £785.00 for the full system including unlimited prints! And we don't just do the little strips, our photographs are real, laminated, and can be as large as 9" x 6"! This only needs to stand against a wall, even the printer is inside, photos appear by magic from the side. It really helps if you have a lift though, we can carry it upstairs if we have to but that needs two people. 
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Augmented Reality System now available to hire! - 14/04/2016

Our Augmented Reality System is now available to hire. By adding a special 3D camera and special software to a TV of any size we can instantly create a compact but immersive Augmented Reality experience for your guests. They see themselves live on the screen in a video as soon as they step into the area.


By simply raising their hands they receive 3D Augmented props which move with them. Guests change props by opening and closing their hands , then use another gesture to create a video, GIF or instant Photograph. We have a library of 3D props that include hats, signs, speech bubbles, glasses, and much more. We can create 3D models just for you. Like everything we do, it’s all instantly shared on our Social Media stations, see below for details. Up to six guests can take part and no Green Screen is required so it’s very neat and compact!

Full details are on our website here. 

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