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Gif HD Photography for Bulgari London
When Bulgari want truly high end professional quality GIFs for their discerning clients, they always come to us! For the launch of their latest Perfumes we were tasked with creating stunning GIFs and also with photographing the event. As we like to overachieve we also created a small video for them.

We do have booths and other systems that create GIFs and they are fine for standard events. We always upgrade our systems to the very best cameras to keep ahead of the cheap booths that others use. However for the really important jobs we use the very best high-end cameras and lenses from Nikon. 

In the video below you will see the kit in action. The shot above is in a mirror, the guests see hardly any of this, it's all clean and neat! The GIFs are created and shared instantly on our unique social media sharing system which doesn't need usernames and passwords to share on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. The guests just enters their mobile number or email and is sent a link to a branded microsite where just by clicking a button their logged in smartphones share.