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3D 360 VR Station

Virtual Reality at events is amazing and guests love it. But after a long queue they leave with just a memory. With our new 3D VR 360 degree system we put your guests INTO the 360 degree scene in 3D! And they can instantly view the scene in 3D and then share it to social media. 

We photograph your guests on our professional green screen using the latest 3D camera technology on our incredible Infinity Station. Unlike Virtual Reality activites which usually take around 5 minutes, we can get 100's of guests through in an hour! As soon as their photograph is taken, in groups or singly, they can see the scene in 360 degree 3D with themselves as the stars. They can then share on social media instantly.

Unlike other social media sharing systems, all we need is a mobile phone number or email. The guests then receive a text or email linking them to a branded microsite. This has buttons for instant sharing on social media as their smart phones are already logged in. So no trying to remeber usernames and logins!

The video on the right simulates what they see as they look around. Of course this can't be in 3D here, and we would change all the branding to your own, the banners and big TV screen are also changed to reflect your brand. We have other scenes too, a futuristic DJ scene, floating in Space, snowball fights in a Winter Wonderland, and a Carnival.

You can have your own custom 3D scene modelled but of course this will add a cost. Pricing is on our pricing page here. 


So above you get an idea of how it looks in Facebook. Users can just move their phone around to view, or use the mouse and scroll on a desktop or phone. It's exactly the sort of fun image that guests love to share and will get lots of interest on social media as it's so unique!