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Branded Gif Booth and Custom Printed Boxes for TicTac
We produced a complex and interesting activation for TicTac. We created a fully branded Gif Booth and also a separate activity where guests could create their own personalised TicTac boxes! Both activities were tested on the appreciative staff at TicTac HQ, before we helped setup a pop up shop in the heart of London's Regent Street!

TicTac pop up store

For the Boomerang style Gifs we used a pre-printed backdrop with a Bench to recreate the Advert TicTac are currently showing on National TV. We framed the shots carefully so the hasthag on the visual display didn't appear on the finished branded GIF as we had it there as an overlay already.
Everything was branded! The Mobile booth was fully wrapped from top to bottom, the startup screens were customised, and the guests received an instant link to a fully bramded microsite just by entering their mobile number or email.

Gif Booth for TicTac

The guests absolutely loved the Gif booth and it was non-stop every day. We have the creation of Boomerang GIFs down to a fine art and our highly trained and personable attendants put everyone at ease and give them ideas. That's how we get such a huge spread on Social Media. If we help the guests create really innovative and unusual boomerangs they will share them and they spread! But we also have an extremely high workflow of people through the system, due to the speed of our unique sharing system. Here are some examples chosen at random from the thousands of guests who flowed through. 
tictac boomerang gif

Whilst one of our teams was running the Gif Booth activity we had a second extremely popular activation running. As guests arrived they collected an empty TicTac box, and then hit the tubes to fill the box with their choice of Tictacs. Then we produced a personailsed label for them and mounted it on the box. Here's a shot of the system we used.

tictac label creation

It looks so simple. It wasn't! Every single label was die-cut to the exact shape specified by TicTac and also had perforations on the top so the lid could flip! We had to quickly get in a second label printer and Laptop after the test day as we knew it was going to be manic. The slowest part of course was the guests making their minds up as to what to put. We helped with suggestions. We had a 20,000 word No-Go list of things that weren't allowed, and had to check every name in every language to check it wasn't actually a naughty word . Here's Gary getting ready for the morning rush!

TicTac custom label printing setup

We used a dedicated label printing system for speed. Thats what we do for our clients. If they want something, we make it happen. This was an intense job so we always had three staff available, one on a break, the others working flat out and rotated them every hour to keep it fresh. The quality had to be extremely high to match the brand, and seeing the guests faces when they received their personalised TicTac boxes or their own Boomerang Gif on their phones always made it worth all the work. Here's the print system we used. 

tic tac custom labels

As well as a continuous stream of the general public into the activation, we also had to deal with VIP guests, celebrities and paparazzi, and of course we coped extremely well as usual. It's what we do, we make it work, if anything ever goes wrong we fix it, and our presentable and professional staff make every event a joy for the client. We do all the work, take all the strain, arrive early, leave late and just keep going! Here's the most popular Gif of the activity, a Love Island star will always bring in the Social Hits!

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Impulse Gif Booth at Summertime Ball Wembley
We took the Mobile Gif System to the Capital Radio Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium, London. This job was was for Impulse Body Mist and was unusual as we had to work in a fine spray of vaporised and scented mist! Our systems can handle anything, but we brought extra lens cleaning cloths in case. They weren't needed as we ensured we worked upwind of the spray. Below just for fun we took a Gif of a Gif using our Roamer, which is a fully portable Gif booth in it's own right!


As usual our activation was extremely popular. Guests queued to get a cooling spray and a branded Gif sent directly to their smartphones instantly. We have own powerful WiFi built into the system. Guests just enter a mobile number or email and instantly receieve a branded link to a branded microsite. From there one click posts to the social media of their choice. No logging in or passwords needed. The event was very busy but we managed to get a quick Gif of the staff.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
We can run this Mobile Gif Booth directly off it's internal power pack for 5 hours easily, more if it's outdoors or in a well lit area like an exhibition centre. We can also link wirelessly to our really cool print station and produce instant large professional quality photos.  Here's a few still shots of the setup for this job. You get an idea of how populr it was. 

Gif Booth for events

Portable Gif booth for Summertime Ball
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Space Event Green Screen Photos for Google HQ London
Google use us regularly at their HQ in London for special events and activities usually involving our portanle Green Screen System with instant photos and live social media sharing. For this job we brought our new "Adventure" system with separate Print and Sharing station.  Both systems have matching led lighting and can be Vinyl wrapped . They are very smart, occupy a tiny footprint and are the very latest in Open Booth technology.

live green screen social sharing at events for Google

The Adventure booth has a very powerful i7 quad core pc and is capable of live green screen video, animated gifs, light painting, morphing and even 3D 360 degree VR. It has a proper DSLR camera inside, twin flashes softened by the bounce card on top, and a dimmable led lighting system. The Print and Share station has wifi built in, holds two iPads or Windows Tablets, and inside has the fastest Photolab for instant photos at multiple sizes. 

space photo on green screen at event for google

So every guest got to choose from a selection of space scenes in groups or singly. They see themselves live on the screen in the scene. As soon as the shot is taken the finished image complete with branding is ready to be shared on the system just by entering a mobile number or email. The guests are instantly sent a link to a branded microsite. From here they can instantly share on their logged in smartphones just by clicking a button for facebook, twitter or instagram. The photo is printed even befroe they have entered their email! 

green screen photos for Google event
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Green Screen Open Booth for Bandai at Comiccon London 2018
We ran a very involved green screen activity for Bandai Namco at London's Comiccon. Using a built in green screen we put the latest high powered Open Booth System through it's paces. This is our "Adventure" system, so called because it is extremely compact and can go anywhere. But it has the latest quad core i7 powered computer inside, dual bounce flash, a special led ring light and  and a full size DSLR for stunning shots. For this job we wrapped the whole booth in a custom designed Vinyl. We can send your designers templates to do this. It really shows off the Brand.

Vinyl wrap branded photo booth

Guests chose their scene and the system took the photo and green screened them seamlessly into the finished creation complete with branded overlay as you can see below. Then guests received a printed photograph and could share instantly on social media by entering their email or mobile number. As soon as they received their image they shared by clicking one button on their logged in smartphones. On showing this to our staff they received a free gift and a raffle ticket for the hourly draw! This was a hugely popular activity as Comiccon is always busy!

Green screen photo with branding at comic con event

We hl;ped design the green screen area, supplied all the equipment, designed all the graphics, staffed the show and did all the setup and breakdown. It was a very succesful event and we will be doing more work with Bandai Namco at future events, hopefully including Japan! Here's a small video showing the system in action.

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Green Screen Video and Photos for Deadpool 2 Premiere
We produced a dual activation for the Premiere and follow up launches for Deadpool 2 . Guests could create an Animated GIF movies on the green screen with instant printed photographs and real time social media sharing. We also had a second activation where guests could recreate the Deadpool 2 Poster on another green screen using our professional HD green screen system. Here's the compact portable setup for the GIF movie system.

Green screen GIF movies for Deadpool 2

This is before we tidied away the cables! So here you can see the latest Adventure System which comprises a very powerful open booth with pro DSLR and high perfromance pc inside, coupled with the very smart Sidekick printing and social sharing station. Matching led lighting and built in WIfi make this a flexible and portable solution for video, GIF, photography and more. We can even do 360 degree virtual reality scenes with the guests in the image! For this activity we created a 120 frame animation of cascading bullet casings to recreate the Flashdance scene in the movie. Guests just posed for one photograph then our system quickly did the rest. Here's an example below. These are small files perfect for rapid social sharing.

The guests loved the results and the social spread was amazing. Our sharing is specially designed to remove the need to enter usernames and passwords. Guests just enter an email or mobile and are send the image with a link to a branded microsite. They can click a button to instantly share on their logged in smartphones to Instagram., facebook and twitter. We get full stats to you after the event. You can watch it ticking up during the event!

Our second activation also offered instant professional photos and social sharing. On this we used a pro Nikon D5 to shoot guests on the second green screen and quickly add characters from the movie to recreate the poster. This is all done in HD and is very quick. We even moved Deadpools hand so each guest had the famous finger in the ear! The Client loved what we did so much they booked us on the spot to do further launches over the following days all over the UK!

Green screen Photos from Deadpool 2 Premiere
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Live Green Screen Video for The Meg Comiccon London 2018
We worked for Warner Brothers at Comiccon London 2018 to immerse fans in an unusual green screen video augmented experience. The Meg is a new movie being released in August 2018 featuring a prehistoric Megalodon Shark that makes Jaws look like a tiddler. We were tasked with creating and staffing the system to produce live green screen videos. The video camera had to be suspended safely above the guests with our special led lighting. Here's a shot of the setup

green screen video setup for The Meg Comiccon London 2018

We used our extremely powerful Alienware systems to quickly shoot, process, green screen and upload the mini movies to the internet for instant sharing. We had a live monitor so guests could see themselves in the movie before we shot so they could get in position on the green screen floor. The software slowly moved the guests and we could get large groups on at once to keep the queues down. It was an extremely quick process. Guests shared on a second Alienware system linked via fast ethernet. And for those under age they could take a selfie in the massive standee!

Setup for green screen video at The Meg

So how did the finished videos come out? There's one below with Gary Reimer who is a professional actor and also works for us. He went beyond the brief and stripped down to his shorts! Most guests rolled up their jeans or were in summer clothing as it was lovely weather. We produced over a thousand videos with many times that amount of guests involved. The social spread was enormous as these are exactly the type of images that go viral. Play the one below with the sound cranked up and you'll see why! These are small, optimised for speed and mobile phones. that's how we did many hundreds a day!

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