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Live Set Shoot for Overlord Premiere London
For this exclusive screening of the new movie Overlord in Leicester Square, London, we helped create a unique experience for the VIP guests. We don't only work with Green Screens, for many of our private and exclusive events we work with our high end Nikon Pro DSLR's and professional lighting to create studio quality photographs live at events. For this event props, wardrobe and professional makeup ctreated a stunning scene from the movie so guests could experience the horror ! Here's a quick video of what they encountered during setup. This was before the waiting staff fully made up as zombies were in the room

Using professional lighting we recreated the dark and frightening feel of the movie. Guests were strapped into a medical gurney in a set made with props from the movie and we took a professional photograph which was instantly printed. Guests were also allowed to share the image to themselves via our instant social media sharing app, just by entering their mobile number. Here's a sample with one of our photographers in full make up!

Our completely mobile photography studio is all wireless and even our lighting is radio controlled. We bring our own WiFi for sharing and our own Photo lab for instant printing. It tool longer for us to have our makeup applied than it did for us to setup and be ready to go. Here's a shot of the makeup we wore, just as an example of the level of detail that goes into an event like this.
Overlord makeup

We could have recreated the scene with a green screen and just the Gurney, but sometimes we need to get the visuals just right. We are equally at ease working with pre printed backdrops, full movie sets or green screens. We do whatever is needed to make the client happy, and have great fun with the guests whilst remaining professional and focussed throughout. This was a very busy session as we only have a limited time with guests before they go into the screening. But we got them all through as usual and they loved what we did. Here's a shot showing how we shoot wirelessly.

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Live Blue Screen Video and Photography at Irish Ploughing Championships
When we were asked if we could shrink people and pop them into a bowl of cereal live in real time we were intrigued! We were also asked if we could do green screen photography and green screen video with social sharing and printing all at the same time. This is the kind of challenge we enjoy! 

So we filmed a special chromakey video sequence for the Irish Dairy Council. We created everything ourselves, from the video sequence to the music to the branding. This was for the Irish Ploughing Championships which is the biggest outdoor in Europe with over 300,000 people attending over the three days! 

When we arrived we quickly realised that the branding and graphics on the huge stand wouldn't go with the green of a green screen. So we used the blue wall that you see in the photos and recalibrated the system to take out blue instead of green. The Client was delighted! Here's a shot of our setup.
blue screen video live at events

Although this looks like a lot of kit it's simple for us to setup, and although very powerful, is very portable. We flew with all of it in standard luggage! Including all the lighting! So from the left is the Photo Station Printer, latest Macbook running the Blue Screen software to print the photos, the iPad Pro we use for live sharing to social media, and our TV Studio for creating the live blue screen videos. Plus our own WiFi and a Coffee, essential for setting up. We came up with a unique solution for using our Pro Canon C100 Mk 2 Video camera and the new Canon Mirrorless DSLR at the same time, see below!

canon video camera with canon dslr mounted on top

We were extremely busy right from the start as this was a huge stand with all sorts of celebrities and tasting sessions going on. The system was extremely quick and we got hundreds of very happy guests through. We linked our TV Studio into a large screen TV so everyone could see the magic happening live. Below is a test shot of Elaine just before we started. We had to keep the files sizes small so guests could email and share easily so these are HD but optimised to view on a smart phone.


We ran continuously as always by rotating our staff. The Clients were very happy with what we produced and quickly realised they could just leave us to get on with. Thats what we aim for, they had enough to organise and we had a great Green room with amazing locally sourced Dairy produce. We did manage to get a little bit of video of everything in full flow on our mobiles.

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Boomerang GIF's at Dragworld London for Sally Beauty
We took the Beauty Ring Booth down to Olympia in London to create Boomerang Gif's for Sally Beauty. This was for Dragworld, an amazing show and exhibition for Drag Artists and their fans, which was eye opening! We were there for both days and really enjoyed meeting the incredible and funny stars of the show. Here's an example of what we created
Boomerang Gif for Dragworld

We didn't use a green screen or printed backdrop for this, we used the stunning architecture of the building. We always take advantage of the natural surroundings. The Beauty Ring booth is always very popular with entertainers and guests as the lighting is very flattering. It's extremely quick to use, and social sharing is completed just by enetering a mobile number or email, no logging in with usernames and passwords necessary. Here's a video of the setup

We gave the guests options for different sizes of Boomerang GIF as we understand the difference between an Instagram Story and a normal post. That's important, it's the little details that make us special, like the animated attract screens in the video above. It's all about the Brand! Here's a huige Instagram story sized Boomerang GIF as an example. The quality that we show on the website here is reduced for speed, what the guests receive is optimised for Instagram.

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Download Festival Gif and Boomerang Booth for the CO-OP
We created Boomerang Gif videos for the CO-OP at a variety of festivals around the UK using our specially wrapped and fully branded Adventure Booth system. The system had to cope with thousands of guests and was designed for speed and workflow to cope. Every guests got an instant printed photograph and the opportunity to share their GIF video instantly on social media using our sharing stations. We even helped with the Trailer supply!

The whole process took seconds and the guests loved it. Festival Goers don't get many opportunities for something as fun to share as this so the uptake was high. And they loved the free photos. We supplied our own internet too so they could share straight to their mobiles using our unique branded micro-site system. Tis ensures the client gets as many shares as possible by making it a one-click process for guests to share on theor already logged in smart phones. 
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Aquaman Green Screen Video at Comic-Con London for Warner Bros.
When Warner Bros need a company to cope with the chaos of Comic-Con, they send for us! For this job we were putting visitors into a specially created clip of the new Aquaman Movie using live green screen technology and social sharing. This shot shows us building the custom designed three sided enclosure. There are full size graphics inside and out with a custom green screen and floor. 

Aquaman Green Screen Video

When we arrive it's a blank space with a plug socket. Once we have finished we have a fully functioning green screen studio running off a very compact Alienware system with studio led lighting ensuring quality. We also test the system prior to the event, staff the stand with our fully trained and very patient staff, and strike the set at the end. And this is just one of our activations at Comic-Con, we have others.

Guests were given a real Aquaman Staff from the movie to hold, and we filmed them on a compact 4k camera. The processing was very fast and guests could then use our sharing station to send the video to themselves. We produced hundreds each day, here's an example.

Here's a shot zoomed out showing how big the ceiling graphics are in comparison to our complete setup which only occupies a 3m space! Space at events like Comic-Con is expensive. We can work in small areas with our very portable and powerful systems. 

Aquaman green screen video for Comic-Con
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Branded Gif Booth and Custom Printed Boxes for TicTac
We produced a complex and interesting activation for TicTac. We created a fully branded Gif Booth and also a separate activity where guests could create their own personalised TicTac boxes! Both activities were tested on the appreciative staff at TicTac HQ, before we helped setup a pop up shop in the heart of London's Regent Street!

TicTac pop up store

For the Boomerang style Gifs we used a pre-printed backdrop with a Bench to recreate the Advert TicTac are currently showing on National TV. We framed the shots carefully so the hasthag on the visual display didn't appear on the finished branded GIF as we had it there as an overlay already.
Everything was branded! The Mobile booth was fully wrapped from top to bottom, the startup screens were customised, and the guests received an instant link to a fully bramded microsite just by entering their mobile number or email.

Gif Booth for TicTac

The guests absolutely loved the Gif booth and it was non-stop every day. We have the creation of Boomerang GIFs down to a fine art and our highly trained and personable attendants put everyone at ease and give them ideas. That's how we get such a huge spread on Social Media. If we help the guests create really innovative and unusual boomerangs they will share them and they spread! But we also have an extremely high workflow of people through the system, due to the speed of our unique sharing system. Here are some examples chosen at random from the thousands of guests who flowed through. 
tictac boomerang gif

Whilst one of our teams was running the Gif Booth activity we had a second extremely popular activation running. As guests arrived they collected an empty TicTac box, and then hit the tubes to fill the box with their choice of Tictacs. Then we produced a personailsed label for them and mounted it on the box. Here's a shot of the system we used.

tictac label creation

It looks so simple. It wasn't! Every single label was die-cut to the exact shape specified by TicTac and also had perforations on the top so the lid could flip! We had to quickly get in a second label printer and Laptop after the test day as we knew it was going to be manic. The slowest part of course was the guests making their minds up as to what to put. We helped with suggestions. We had a 20,000 word No-Go list of things that weren't allowed, and had to check every name in every language to check it wasn't actually a naughty word . Here's Gary getting ready for the morning rush!

TicTac custom label printing setup

We used a dedicated label printing system for speed. Thats what we do for our clients. If they want something, we make it happen. This was an intense job so we always had three staff available, one on a break, the others working flat out and rotated them every hour to keep it fresh. The quality had to be extremely high to match the brand, and seeing the guests faces when they received their personalised TicTac boxes or their own Boomerang Gif on their phones always made it worth all the work. Here's the print system we used. 

tic tac custom labels

As well as a continuous stream of the general public into the activation, we also had to deal with VIP guests, celebrities and paparazzi, and of course we coped extremely well as usual. It's what we do, we make it work, if anything ever goes wrong we fix it, and our presentable and professional staff make every event a joy for the client. We do all the work, take all the strain, arrive early, leave late and just keep going! Here's the most popular Gif of the activity, a Love Island star will always bring in the Social Hits!

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