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Stunning studio quality video and photographs instantly with full social media integration. Find out more...
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We work with the very best Experiential Agencies and Corporates, creating amazing video and photography activations live at events worldwide. Contact us for anything that requires video or photography in any form. We specialise in unusual requests! For the last 13 years we've worked all over the world at every type of event for all of the major Brands.

We always have the latest technology. That lets us create activations no-one else can. We love to help with creatives before a pitch, coming up with innovative ideas and creating working examples to help.  Once we have the brief, we do everything for you in-house or in collaboration with your designers to make your job easier. We help with all the design work, branding and personalisation for social sharing. We have RAMS ready to go, and understand GDPR. 

At the Event our staff (or your staff trained by us) engage your guests whilst gaining maximum brand awareness on Social Media. We understand the importance of a brand. We work fully white labelled, promoting you, not ourselves. 

Instantly shareable studio quality branded photographs, and incredible SFX Videos are instantly uploaded to guests mobile phones. The branded links contain smart buttons for instant shares on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We print instantly and share live!  See our portfolio of events here

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Previous Events

AI Video in action!
We ran two video and photography marketing activations at the Premiere of Michael Bay's new movie, Ambulance. We used AI video upstairs, you can see how we did the AI video below, and a copy of the actual AI output. (See our blog post entitled Step and Repeat photography for the other activation)

We can replace any background completely using AI but for this job we didn't need to. Instead we added  the title treatment and branding, slow motion and simulated paparazzi flashes using our AI software. The process was extemely fast, it has to be when we only have an hour with the VIP's and need to get them into the screens in time for the premiere. We made 64 videos including sharing them to the guests instantly to create a live social buzz online. Here's us testing the AI video setup with actor Gary Reimer.

Because of the current situation in Ukraine we decided not to go with anything involving explosions, smoke, flashing red and blue lights etc out of respect. Instead guests were invited to experience how a star feels walking onto the red carpet and posing for the paparazzi. They absolutely loved what we produced as they didn't know we would be adding dramatic slow motion and the flashgun effect. Here's how the above example with Gary Reimer looked.
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Step and Repeat Event Photography with instant sharing!
We were asked to provide Step and Repeat photography with instant prints and social media sharing at the Premiere of Michael Bay's new movei. Ambulance. We use the best full frame cameras, lenses and soft flash to get stunning photos, but what really makes us different is the VIP guests get the image straight to their smartphones! Here's one of our latest step and repeat systems complete with screen so guests can see and share the photos instantly! 

This system shoots and shares instantly, and also sends a copy straight to our smart photo station wirelessly. By the time the guests have enetered a mobile number, or emailed, or used our QR code system, the printed photograph is ready. You can see our smart wireless photo station below. It's branded as is everything we do, we even programmed the led lighting to match the branding! (and yes we always dress smartly as we are representing our clients brand) 

Please bear in mind photos on our website have to be tiny, to keep the website running quickly, we have thousands of events and examples on here, we've been going nearly 14 years now! We always have the very best and most up to date hardware and software, so are constantly evolving. Our Step and Repeat system can also be used to wander around an event taking stunning photos which guests love to share instantly online. That helps our clients get a social buzz going while the event is live and on the news channels etc. Below is a (low-res) test shot of Paul & Elaine working the Blue carpet! We also photographed the stars once the guests had gone in, and many VIP's, but we don't share those images online.

So if you need fast high quality Step and Repeat photos with instant sharing and printing, at any event, give us a call.

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