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Live Blue Screen Video and Photography at Irish Ploughing Championships
When we were asked if we could shrink people and pop them into a bowl of cereal live in real time we were intrigued! We were also asked if we could do green screen photography and green screen video with social sharing and printing all at the same time. This is the kind of challenge we enjoy! 

So we filmed a special chromakey video sequence for the Irish Dairy Council. We created everything ourselves, from the video sequence to the music to the branding. This was for the Irish Ploughing Championships which is the biggest outdoor in Europe with over 300,000 people attending over the three days! 

When we arrived we quickly realised that the branding and graphics on the huge stand wouldn't go with the green of a green screen. So we used the blue wall that you see in the photos and recalibrated the system to take out blue instead of green. The Client was delighted! Here's a shot of our setup.
blue screen video live at events

Although this looks like a lot of kit it's simple for us to setup, and although very powerful, is very portable. We flew with all of it in standard luggage! Including all the lighting! So from the left is the Photo Station Printer, latest Macbook running the Blue Screen software to print the photos, the iPad Pro we use for live sharing to social media, and our TV Studio for creating the live blue screen videos. Plus our own WiFi and a Coffee, essential for setting up. We came up with a unique solution for using our Pro Canon C100 Mk 2 Video camera and the new Canon Mirrorless DSLR at the same time, see below!

canon video camera with canon dslr mounted on top

We were extremely busy right from the start as this was a huge stand with all sorts of celebrities and tasting sessions going on. The system was extremely quick and we got hundreds of very happy guests through. We linked our TV Studio into a large screen TV so everyone could see the magic happening live. Below is a test shot of Elaine just before we started. We had to keep the files sizes small so guests could email and share easily so these are HD but optimised to view on a smart phone.


We ran continuously as always by rotating our staff. The Clients were very happy with what we produced and quickly realised they could just leave us to get on with. Thats what we aim for, they had enough to organise and we had a great Green room with amazing locally sourced Dairy produce. We did manage to get a little bit of video of everything in full flow on our mobiles.