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Dark Phoenix green screen video and digital mosaic.
To promote the upcoming X-Men movie "Dark Phoenix" we were asked to provide two activities for the Marvel stand at MCM Comic-Con 2019 in London. The brief was that guests would go around the huge stand with screens at each end where they could watch the preview. We had to supply a live green screen activation putting guests into the movie. And a way to give them photographs and put them into the poster. This had to be really fast as we knew the stand would be busy! So we created a scene where the guests were static while debris flew past the, They shared this instantly by email. The stand was dressed with debris as well.

Live green screen video for Dark Phoenix

The process had to be really fast as we knew this would be the most popular activity at the show. Guests took just one photo on our special green screen system which doesn't need external lighting . It's a smart system which we also vinyl wrapped. Then we applied 120 frames of animation to the file which took less than a minute to create and share via email!

Live green screen video for Dark Phoenix Comic-Con, London 2019

We had already covered the private screening with the stars where we created a digital mosaic of the iconic poster. This proved so popular that we were asked to create a similar activation using our iPad system linked to our digital mosaic software and a photo printer. You'll see it in action in the video below. When we arrive we were amazed by the size of the set, but with our optional lenses we could get wide enough to use the graphics as a backdrop.
Digital Mosaic for X-Men Dark Phoenix

The guests were photographed in front of the set then we printed a real photograph instantly while they sent the image to themelves by email or text. At the same time the image was sent to our special Mosaic software where it was optimised and fitted into the Mosaic. The guests could watch themselves becoming part of the scene which they really enjoyed. They were all sent a copy at the end of each day. We made a complete one each day, and do have the option to physically print these as self adhesive photos which guests can add to a physical board. 

Digital mosaic iPad station with branded printer and lighting

The closeup above shows the level of detail we go to with everything vinyl wrapped and branded. Even the microsites the guests go to to receive their images are fully branded. We've been working in the Corporate world for many years and know how to represent a brand. Below is the video we shot handheld on our iPhones during breaks, so forgive lack of stabilisation, but it will give you an idea of how populare the activation was.