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360 degree Spin Booth

We've used 360 degree spin booths in the past to create special slow motion videos for guests live at events. Now we have access to the latest portable version which takes less space and is suitable for busy events as the video processes faster. Call Phil on 0800 772 0237 to book.

We use special lighting and effects to surround the guests to enhance the video, which is also branded for you and shared instantly. The slow motion is stunning, the videos we produce are instantly editted and set to the beat of the music. We can make each one unique. The 360 degree video is full HD unlike others, and as experienced videographers we know how to make everyone look good.

Call us to book, we only need a 3m space and can get one, two or three guests on the very stable platform . The quality is amazing and we know how to represent a brand, with full RAMS ready to go.