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360 Spin Booth System for Corporate Events
Our new 360 Spin Video System is very different to anything else. Firstly we can use AI to remove the backgrounds and replace them with video. Secondly we run off powerful batteries so don't need cables. Thirdly we do all the filming, branding, processing, effects and social sharing direct from the camera! It's a very new system and we will be posting a whole area on our website to show what it can do. 

Until then this is what we did using a traditional spin 360 system at the O2 Arena for at the Country and Western show for three days.

Even for this job we added layers to the video to produce the amazing effects and to reduce the amount of background shown in the video. We have vignettes, smoke, colour changing, even fire! And of course branding. We produced hundreds of video over the three days and the client was very happy with amount of social media exposure they received for their excellent Country Music TV channel. 

The problem with most 360 video "booths" is they are purchased cheaply from China, they don't have the safety features we insist on, are liable to break mid job or not work at all, and need cables to power them and the gopro cameras they use. But the biggest problem is the amateur operators don't understand how to frame video or how to light it. The videos are too long and not branded, it takes too long for each guest to have a go and the results are awful. Don't confuse us with those, we understand branding, workflow, safety and quality.