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Augmented Reality

It's not just Virtual, it's a Reality and it's available now! 

Your guests will be amazed and enthralled when they see themselves live on a big screen in a variety of videos with fully interactive 3D virtual props! They can change the scenes, change the props they are holding or wearing,  and choose to take a Video, create a GIF or take a photograph, all with Gestures! 
Our unique 3D camera mounts onto any big screen and is controlled by a super fast Alienware computer that can be hidden behind the screen. So it's all super portable and we can fly anywhere in the world with the system in hand luggage. And yes we can bring the Photolab and Social Media Stations as well. No Green Screen required! 
Augmented Reality Booth
No Green Screen is needed as the 3D camera isolates the guests from whatever is behind them. No matter how busy an event! In the test sample opposite we have saved the file as a looping GIF so it's easy for guests to share it instantly using our Social Media Stations. They just enter their Mobile phone number! 

Up to six guests can take part at the same time and we can custom build the 3D objects like this representation  of the FA Cup. We can use any video or photograph as a backdrop and Guests can choose which scene they want. We can add branded overlays as well! 

It's all extremely fast, compact and compelling. You won't have a problem attracting guests onto an exhibition stand and we can capture data, run surveys, show disclaimers and track the spread of Social Shares! 
We can supply the complete Augmented Reality system with big screen TV, stand, 3D Camera, photolab, and Social Media Stations complete with our Alienware running the special software. Or you can supply a TV built into your stand. That saves the cost of renting and delivering a large screen TV.

We customise and brand everything for you. You can use any of our existing 3D props, our video and photographic scenes, and we design the branded overlay for you. 

We have the facility to build 3D props for you at a very reasonable cost. You don't have to use the Augmented props, this system can be used for Green Screen Video and Photography without a Green Screen! 

Full pricing is on our Pricing Page, we don't hide our prices as we know we are more than sensible. But we do get booked early so call to pencil a date! 01442 255915. Prices start from just £785.00!