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what is a gif?

Gif movies are an exciting and innovative way to get your guests and clients involved at an activity. They are smaller and easier to share than a traditional video, and more immersive and animated than a photograph.

A GIF loads and runs as soon as you open an email, text or share on social media. The simplest gif is just a short sequence of photos taken one at a time  using whatever is behind the guests as the backdrop. This plays like a flipbook. Even with these we can add branding, share socially and print.

Here's a simple Boomerang GIF with no background and no effects. Effective! 

What's an animated Gif?

By adding a green screen and using our more powerful Infinity Booth we can create animated Green Screen GIF's. We can add an animated background and an animated overlay. We can also animate the guest!

These files can be kept small enough to send fast and be shared instantly. Small enough to insert in a paragraph of text like here for example! In the bigger photo you can see our compact setup for Tesco stores. This system toured the UK. 

Truly Portable Gifs

Some clients prefer a pre-printed backdrop to shoot in front of like a step and repeat or something more exotic. For these setups we often use our Mobile booths which are self powered with powerful batteries and a wifi network built in. No Cables required! These are often installed for days, weeks and sometimes months as once we have trained the staff they can run it themselves with us logging in remotely to make changes as required. In those cases we usually plug in to the mains to save charging each night.

Here's a photo of the completely wireless Mobile booth at Ascot for Appletiser. We had a wireless printer setup behind the scenes. Anyone who shared their Gif or Photo to Instagram or Twitter with the correct hashtag received a free photograph generated automatically by our hashtag printer software scanning social media! But of course everyone could also send the images to thgemselves.

We design the branding and graphics with you, preset all the tweets and social messages, and can either work with you at the event or train your staff.

Below are some samples of actual Gif's captured at the events we did for the client. We produced hundreds every day and the social reach was amazing with thousands of shares.