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Gif booths are increasingly popular at events. We've researched them all and only use the best. Our system is beautiful, everything can be branded, it's extremely compact, but very powerful. 

Our Mobile booth system is completely self contained! It is powered internally by a specially designed power pack that is safe and lasts up to 8 hours. Also inside is a powerful wifi system for instant social sharing. Guests touch the screen and strike a variety of fun poses. The software creates an animated Gif file instantly. The guests enter their mobile number and the link to their unique Gif is sent live! 

We can Vinyl wrap it too! We send you a template or do it for you.
Gif  Booth for Events
Gif Gif Gif - why is everyone talking about Gifs?
We have avoided traditional photobooths as they are slow, produce poor quality photographs, and take up too much space. We can do a better job faster in a smaller area with a pro photographer using a real camera .

But Gifs are a great alternative to video as they provide guests with an animated set of images in a tiny file which is easy to share.  

We now send all our Gifs out as .mp4 HD videos as it's easier to share, especially on iPhones! 

When we are attending events to do general event photography and green screen photography we can now pop one of these up in a tiny space and offer another great activity to enthrall your guests and get your event featured on social media. As usual with us it's affordable! 

And of course after the job we can send you reports on the spread of your GIF's on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


With our Gif Booth software system we can brand the actual booth with a wrap, brand the startup screen with an animated attract screen, brand the actual Gif file, and any photographs we print, and any messages we send out!

We can also email the gifs, facebook them, tweet them and instagram them, all live in real time with presets. And we can add filters, let them reshoot, run without power and much more.

What's really clever about the Gif Station system is the back end software which tracks the link and lets you know how many guests have tweeted, facebooked or downloaded their gif. We can even add a print station so guests can print instantly. Call us to book.

Here's some photos of the new Mobile Booth in action