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virtual BOOTH

Impress your clients, engage your customers, reward your workers, promote your brand! Our Virtual Booth lets you do all that and more.

The new Virtual Booth is browser based with no need for an app! It runs on any laptop, mobile phone, tablet or computer. A Virtual Booth is an ideal way for brands to keep in touch with customers. The Virtual Booth is also ideal as an add-on after a zoom party or conference, or for any virtual parties or gatherings. It's a great way to promote a new product too.

Our Virtual Booth replicates a physical photo booth, but without the crowds. Users can take single pictures, multishot pictures,  GIFS and boomerangs. All with your branding. 


Our unique Scratch to Win competition mode really gets your customers and guests engaged! They can win instantly after sharing their creations. This is a great way to promote a product, engage customers, or reward staff. 

Our amazing AI Virtual Scene option lets guests choose from different backgrounds and scenes just by clicking.  It gets them involved and keeps the gallery interesting. 

The quality of the background scene is way higher than  Zoom. And we can add layers in front of the scene as well. All the guest does is click to chose. 


Our developers are working on more options. One example is to let people who are separated from family, loved ones, and work colleagues connect in a virtual scene using our AI to place them.  Imagine if a separated family could build a family scene of them all together. How about letting members of a team build a group shot, then transport themselves to a scene anywhere in the World! 

We have more ideas to help promote this activation which we will share with you. We can explain fully the way we run the Competitions, how we gather data, and the full analytics we include for you. Plus other secrets!

To find out pricing  and more technical details, contact us on 07951 555712 where our specialist Luke will talk directly to you.