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We can do ANYTHING with any media!
Whatever you can imagine, we can make it happen! When HSBC wanted boomerang gifs of high speed action in Hong Kong, we knew they needed a fast system that could cope with hundreds of guests a day! We set it all up and ran it for them.
Create a social buzz!
This is just one example of hundreds of different media based activities we have helped create. And whatever we do, from Videos to GIF's to photos, are all shared socially!

Bespoke GEAR

If it doesn't exist, we will make it!
When our client wanted a vintage look and feel for the GIF movies they wanted to create at The Open, we built this Vintage Camera and designed the whole system so everything had the correct look from the equipment t the props to the finished GIF video.
This was an extremely busy event and we designed everything for speed fom the dressing area to the social sharing stations. All the guests had to do was enter a mobile phone number and they receieved their branded GIf movie in seconds!


We make our equipment yours!
We designed and built a special system for Actimel to take around all the Tesco Stores. We designed and wrapped the special Infinity booth with tough laminated Vinyl graphics that could be wiped clean. Safety is key when working in stores and the whole system was designed to be super stable. 
Everything was powered by rechargeable batteries so no mains power was required. Again shoppers could share their instant videos live and we also printed them a branded photograph to take home.