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360 degree Spin Booth Videos

15 June 2020

360 Spon boothWe use a high resolution DSLR to get the highest quality video, no cheap GoPro or iPhones used here! We worked for the full 3 days of the Country to Country Festival, producing hundreds of full HD 360 videos each day. Guests were sent the videos instantly for live sharing, creating an excellent social media buzz.

Our client rebooked after last years successful event. Guests could see the 360 videos made previously on the big screen, and share using our unique instant sharing setup.

The workflow was extremely fast, we made and shared hundreds of videos each day, and the guests loved sharing them. That’s the whole point of what we do, we create innovative branded content that people make the effort to share. 360 degree video is just one example of what we do. We only need a 3m square space to work and the whole system runs off internal battery packs, so no messy mains cables required.

To book, email Luke@fullframeevents.co.uk.

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