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Boomerang GIF’s at Dragworld London for Sally Beauty

9 October 2019

We took the Beauty Ring Booth down to Olympia in London to create Boomerang Gif’s for Sally Beauty. This was for Dragworld, an amazing show and exhibition for Drag Artists and their fans, which was eye opening! We were there for both days and really enjoyed meeting the incredible and funny stars of the show. Here’s an example of what we created

We didn’t use a green screen or printed backdrop for this, we used the stunning architecture of the building. We always take advantage of the natural surroundings. The Beauty Ring booth is always very popular with entertainers and guests as the lighting is very flattering. It’s extremely quick to use, and social sharing is completed just by enetering a mobile number or email, no logging in with usernames and passwords necessary. Here’s a video of the setup

We gave the guests options for different sizes of Boomerang GIF as we understand the difference between an Instagram Story and a normal post. That’s important, it’s the little details that make us special, like the animated attract screens in the video above. It’s all about the Brand! Here’s a huige Instagram story sized Boomerang GIF as an example. The quality that we show on the website here is reduced for speed, what the guests receive is optimised for Instagram.

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