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British Grand Prix digital mosaic

27 December 2022

Racing Point are a new Formula 1 team, based at Silverstone. They asked us to work with them over the British Grand Prix weekend. We used our unique new roaming photography system to take stunning photos of their VIP guests which could be sent to the guests instantly!

This uses the latest mirrorless Canon DSLR linked to an iPad on a special monopod with lighting. This is linked wirelessly to our own Wi-Fi network which we bring to events. The quality of the photographs are up there with what we get on our huge professional Nikon systems, but can be shared instantly to the guests. With our unique social sharing system the guests receive their images instantly with options preset to share on Facebook and Twitter jusy by clicking an icon from their already logged in smartphones. Data is anonamised for GDPR and disclaimers are available if you need to capture data. Guests can also go to our print stations and print a real photograph!

What made this event really unique was our amazing Digital Mosaic technology. Every photo was sent by our wifi to our Mosaic software which creates a 2″ square tile with coordinates on. Guests placed this on our digital mosaic wall, this one was 6′ wide but we can do any size. The guests photographs are blended into the scene. They are still clearly discernable and it’s great fun watching them place them on the wall. We can randonmly generate prize squares as well. We can link to a big creen to show the images coming into the mosaic. This virtual mosaic can also show adverts! At the end of the event each day the finished Mosaic was given to the clients to keep, an amazing memento of a great occasion. Each guest was sent a digital copy of the finished artwork as well.

Here is the Mosaic in progress. We needed 600 photographs to complete this one, so guests were also encouraged to share their own photos using a preset hashtag which we can pick up. We always guarantee to complete a mosaic no matter how large, and we always have. We can use a variety of ways to create the photographs. This roaming system, a professional photographer shooting in front of a step and repeat, one of our advanced green screen booths, or even our Gif booths.

Here’s one of the finished artworks, now proudly on display in Racing Points HQ

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