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Diesel BAD Tour with Live Green Screen Video and GIF Booth

10 October 2019

The Diesel BAD tour was a truly fun activation to be a part of. We visited Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester and London. We set up our portable green screen video system in the back of the Diesel truck, allowing guests to ride a real motorcyle through the desert in the USA. Guests could then email the video to themselves using our instant upload social media app. This also automatically entered them into a competiton to win the very bike they were riding.

As well as the live green screen video system we also set up our GIF booth at the end of the bed that was set up in the ‘Bad Boys Batchelor Pad.’
This allowed guests to take a series of photos on the bed and then instantly text, email or upload the moving Gif image to social media. Here is an example of how it should be done!

and this shows how many people we can fit onto our wide angle lens from just a couple of feet away!

The truck travelled from Glasgow to London via Newcastle and Manchester. Thanks to everyone who came along and the great team we worked with for the duration.

Here’s the whole ‘BAD’ crew together.

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