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Download Festival Gif and Boomerang Booth for the CO-OP

9 October 2019

We created Boomerang Gif videos for the CO-OP at a variety of festivals around the UK using our specially wrapped and fully branded Adventure Booth system. The system had to cope with thousands of guests and was designed for speed and workflow to cope. Every guests got an instant printed photograph and the opportunity to share their GIF video instantly on social media using our sharing stations. We even helped with the Trailer supply!

The whole process took seconds and the guests loved it. Festival Goers don’t get many opportunities for something as fun to share as this so the uptake was high. And they loved the free photos. We supplied our own internet too so they could share straight to their mobiles using our unique branded micro-site system. Tis ensures the client gets as many shares as possible by making it a one-click process for guests to share on theor already logged in smart phones.

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