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19 February 2023

We don’t always use green screens. For this job we were at the world famous Odeon Leicester Square in London for the Premiere of Death on the Nile. We only had 45 minutes with the VIP guests, many of whom were professional content creators. We did over a 100 really high quality shoots, and and everyone got a printed 6×6″ photo and a branded link to download their images.

Our new systems let us take professional quality event photographs and share them instantly with guests for live social exposure and Instagram feeds while the event is live! We also printed large 6″ x 6″ photographs for the guests. This creates an amazing social buzz, and the guests love the quality we get.  (For non-photographers, the reason the preview on the camera and iPad screen don’t match the set is because the flash only goes off for the photos which are professionally white balanced:)

Above you can see our smart print and share station which also has our own powerful wifi. Ignore the lighting stands, they are not ours! The print station can be fully branded with a vinyl wrap. Photos are sent wirelessly from the camera system and printed quickly. For this job we did 6×6″ large square Instagrammable images! Our software is itelligent enough to count the faces in a photo and print one for each person. Below is a sample image from while we were colour balancing. All the images on this page are very low res btw, to keep our website fast. The actual photos guests receive are very high res but optimised for fast uploads and sharing on Instagram, Tik-Tok, Facebook, Twitter. Below is the actual shot from the scene above. We add branding of course!

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