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FA Cup Wembley Green Screen Photography

10 October 2020

We took the portable Green Screen Studio to Wembley Stadium in London for the Women’s FA Cup. This week alone we’ve covered the FA Cup, The FA Trophy and the FA Vase! So Wembley is like a second home to us. It’s always extremely busy and when you have 80,000 people in a stadium you need to know about networks. We are on EE with our portable WiFi so had no problems photographing, green screening, printing and sharing thousands of photos live. Here’s Elaine posing for a test shot with the Trophy.

We have a new electronic image stabiliser for our Camera systems and got one for the iPhone too so when we get a chance we can grab a little video of our different green screen setups. Here’s a glimpse before we tidied up everything ready to start. It’s very neat and we don’t need tripods, studio lights or other messy gimmicks. In fact the speedlights with umbrellas are only there because the client wanted it to look like a photo studio.

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