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Gif Photography for Swarovski Launch London

9 October 2018

Our Gif booths are amazing for busy events where getting hundreds of guests through an hour is the priority. However when we are working at high-end launches where the emphasis is on quality rather than quantity, we do what others can’t even imagine! We use the very latest top of the range Nikon Pro cameras and lenses with studio quality lighting to create stunning GIFs at professional HD quality! Our Gif’s are classy, stylish and beautifully shot. having a professional photographer really makes a difference! Here’s an example. An $8000 camera helps!


We produced many of these for the VIP guests and they all shared on spocial media through our special sharing stations. We work wirelessly and hate cables so will notice everything we do is cable free and tidy. You get a good idea of how neat our setup is and how smart the backdrop looked. It’s Swarovski, it had to sparkle!

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