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GlamBot capturing VIP guests at Hilton Secret Socials

18 November 2023

We had a fantastic time at Hilton’s Secret Social in Mayfair, where our Glambot captured guests and VIPs in front of the most stunning floral display🌟 Our compact Glambot was set up outside as guests arrived, and as you can see, for a cold November night, the output was top notch!

GlamBot videos at Hilton London

Our unique Glambot creating videos as guests arrive for the Hilton Secret Social event

Guests create stunning slow-motion videos quickly and efficiently and share their videos to social media while the event is live. This can elevate the event online whilst entertaining your guests.

So let your guests step into the spotlight, and let our 4K Glambot capture the magic of your next event – www.fullframeevents.co.uk ✨📸 #GlambotMagic #EventTech #HiltonSecretSocial #EventHighlights #InstantSharing

To book, email Luke@fullframeevents.co.uk.

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