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Green Screen Cycling Photos for TfL at the Olympic Park

10 October 2021

We took the portable green screen studio and live social media sharing system to the Olympic Park in London for a very busy day. We were working for TfL promoting their “Time to Cycle” campaign at the Sainsbury’s sponsored event. We set up in a very smart converted shipping container, proving once again that we can work anywhere! Our brief was to produce on trend square Polaroid Style large branded photographs and let guests share them on twitter, instagram, facebook, by email and by text. No problem with our unique iPad system!

So for this job we weren’t using ur new augmented reality system, our Gif Gif Booth or our new Magic Mirror. We were back with our unique wireless Studio Green Screen system which as you can see is extremely compact, very fast, and produces studio quality results at photo booth pricing! We are the ONLY company using the very best DSLR’s which is why we get such stunning results. Everyone else claims to have “Pro Quality DSLR’s” in their system or booth, when you ask them what camera they have it will be an entry level Canon Rebel or low end Nikon costing a couple of hundred pounds. No Pro Photographer would use anything other than a full frame camera, hence our name! We shoot using the very best Nikon D4S cameras with pro lenses and fast wifi! That means we can do this thousands of times a day!

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