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Green Screen Infinity Booth for Power Rangers at Lionsgate Slate Screening

9 October 2022

Following on from the success of Comicon we were asked to come and provide the same setup at Leicester Square for a private screening for Lionsgate Films. This allowed users to come and use our award winning Infinity booth, morphing them instantly into their favourite Power Ranger. This was done without a green screen and guests could instantly share their creation after seeing happen live on screen by social media, and of course we gave them an instant print to take away. And when we say print we mean a large 7″ x 5″ laminated photograph, not a little photobooth strip!


The finished results went down really well, especially when the guests realised we had personalised every print with their name in the movie font. We do all this without any external studio lights, tripods, cables and mess. It’s a neat super fast system that has taken tears to develop and really is the best way to entertain guests at an event. This system also does green screen video, animated gif videos, light painting, 3D 360 degree virtual reality work and much more. Here’s a finished example.

With a few tweaks to the artwork we were able to remove the need for green screen, this allowed our setup to take up minimal space which was vital in such a packed out room! Clever use of automated photoshop actions instantly removes the need for slow manual editting. We just positioned the guests as everyone is a different height. Here’s the whole setup with the branding, you can see how we tailored the led lighting to match the colour scheme.

After having their image shot, we quickly provided an instant print out as well as allowing guests to share their photograph on social media via our app.

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