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Green screen instant event photos for Deichman at The Belfry

10 October 2013

We can shoot studio quality photographs on our professional green screen far quicker than any booth, and to a much higher standard. Under any conditions. And this was tested to the full at The Belfry ! The lighting guys had completely covered the venue in Gobos and led uplights so the whole room changed colour and there were huge graphics flying around the room. Then they filled it with smoke! Any lesser system than ours would have really struggled but as you can see from the examples below, we had no problem at all. Here’s a shot of how the room looked before the guests came in and the smoke got really going.

We had a movie based theme as all the tables in the main room were dedicated to a particular movie. So the client was delighted to find we had over 2000 movie images to choose from, all in 3D with special effects and layers. We’ve built up quite a catalogue over the years. And when we put people into a movie we change the lighting, colour balance and sharpness plus add shadows to make it super realistic. Others just don’t understand the importance of matching the guests to the style of the scene, or their software can’t cope. We do it in real time with no delay to the guests, it’s all pre-programmed into each scene.

So in the scene above the guests are sharpened, colour graded, shadows are added and the overlays make it look like the original. But we don’t use the original images for copyright reasons. This is a scene we have created ourselves from scratch. When we are working for Disney, Sky, BBC, Universal, Warners or other companies who own the movie rights and supply the images we can use the original images of course. We kept the guests happy for hours as they worked their way through the many scenes, and on every shot we gave every person a copy of the photograph. We also had our iPad system running so guests could email, text, facebook and tweet the images instantly. Here’s another example using Casablanca to show softer images with black and white effects added.

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