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Green Screen Video and Photos for Deadpool 2 Premiere

9 October 2018

We produced a dual activation for the Premiere and follow up launches for Deadpool 2 . Guests could create an Animated GIF movies on the green screen with instant printed photographs and real time social media sharing. We also had a second activation where guests could recreate the Deadpool 2 Poster on another green screen using our professional HD green screen system. Here’s the compact portable setup for the GIF movie system.

This is before we tidied away the cables! So here you can see the latest Adventure System which comprises a very powerful open booth with pro DSLR and high perfromance pc inside, coupled with the very smart Sidekick printing and social sharing station. Matching led lighting and built in WIfi make this a flexible and portable solution for video, GIF, photography and more. We can even do 360 degree virtual reality scenes with the guests in the image! For this activity we created a 120 frame animation of cascading bullet casings to recreate the Flashdance scene in the movie. Guests just posed for one photograph then our system quickly did the rest. Here’s an example below. These are small files perfect for rapid social sharing.

The guests loved the results and the social spread was amazing. Our sharing is specially designed to remove the need to enter usernames and passwords. Guests just enter an email or mobile and are send the image with a link to a branded microsite. They can click a button to instantly share on their logged in smartphones to Instagram., facebook and twitter. We get full stats to you after the event. You can watch it ticking up during the event!

Our second activation also offered instant professional photos and social sharing. On this we used a pro Nikon D5 to shoot guests on the second green screen and quickly add characters from the movie to recreate the poster. This is all done in HD and is very quick. We even moved Deadpools hand so each guest had the famous finger in the ear! The Client loved what we did so much they booked us on the spot to do further launches over the following days all over the UK!

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