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Green Screen Video with instant Social Sharing with Vespa Scooter

10 October 2019

The portable green screen video studio went on tour around various Vodafone offices including the HQ to let staff know about their amazing new service. If you have Vodafone Business you can get a replacement phone within 4 hours! So we gave employees a chance to try out the new Vodafone scooters on a live green screen video experience. They got chased by a T-Rex, blasted by lightning, had to avoid a Rhino and more. But they all delivered the phone! They also got a keyring with a green screen photo presented at the end of each video, and could share the video live instantly by text, email and to facebook, twitter, and instagram. The studio had to be moved around during the day so we couldnt fix it down as neatly as usual but it all worked perfectly . Here’s a little video showing it in action.

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