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Infinite Green Screen Booth at 20th Century Fox HQ London

9 October 2019

Coming from a movie background, being asked to work somewhere steeped in history such as the head offices of 20th Century Fox in London is always exciting. It’s also a little daunting as we are using green screen technology in front of real movie makers, but everyone was amazed by the speed and quality of our work. The new Infinity Booth is an amazing experience and is super fast and fun to use. The guests loved being able to choose multiple movies on screen and seeing themselves live in the scenes we created.

We set up in one of the conference rooms with bundles of unique props for the guests to use and groups came from all over the building to see what was happening. Although we share everything live to mobile phones via text, to email, facebook, twitter and instagram, it’s still great to get a physical real laminated photograph in your hand. And of course once the staff went back to their offices displaying themselves in movies like Ab Fab and Ice Age, everyone wanted a go.

Working live lets us get huests into exactly the right positions for the shots and we apply filters and effects to try and match the scene as closely as possible. The lighting is all built in, there are no messy cables, hot studio lights or tripods with our system, and no wobbly photobooth structire to bring in.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the photographs are all proudly displayed on desks, and the staff had a wonderful time. We do a lot of work with movei companies, we come from the same background having worked on 120 movies before starting this company for fun 10 years ago. Have a look around the website and you will see we are constantly getting new equipment in.


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