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LEGO City Live Green Screen with Keyrings and Social Sharing

10 October 2022

We helped Lego with a wonderful activity for children to promote the new LegoCity Fire Station with instant green screen photos made into keyrings and shared on social media. We helped design the green screen area of the stand and it worked really wel. Integrating a green screen into an activity is something we often help with. With our new system soon to be announced we are using 3D cameras to pick out the guests instead of a green screen, watch this space for more details! Here’s a shot of the stand before we started. You can see the Nikon D4S and our wireless system, the printer is hidden in the work unit.

We didn’t really need the wireless lighting, but the client wanted the area to look like a photo studio. We produced over 1000 keyrings during the day at the intu in Manchester, and everyone loved what we did. The parents couldn’t believe the quality of the shots we got, thats down to our professional photographers knowing how to work with children. The client couldn’t believe the speed at which we photographed, green screened, printed made the large 3″ x 2″ crystal keyrings and shared the images! The slowest part in the whole process is the time it takes the parents to enter their email addresses. We’ve even speeded that up now by letting guests enter their mobile phone number! And we can track the spread afterwards. Here’s a test shot we did.

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