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Live Green Screen Video at all the Hyde Park concerts for Amazon

10 October 2019

We managed to get a full size live green screen video and photography studio into a small 3m square gazebo for an amazing six days working for Amazon at the British Summer Time festival at Hyde Park London. The brief was to entertain the VIP guests and Artists backstage in the Amazon Tickets private Garden. The guests had great fun dressing up and appearing live on our Virtual Great Oak Stage. We also utilsed the green screen and took a professionally green screened photograph at the start of each “live appearance” Here’s an example…

The guests could see themselves live as we cut away to crowd scenes and back to the guests, then at the end of each “set” they could instantly watch the finished video and then share it straight to their mobile phones, by email, or on social media. Everyone had a great time starring in their own video and were delighted to receive a printed photograph instantly. Here’s a very quick hand shot video showing some of what we do. We don;t like to give away our secrets but you’ll see some of the kit we squeezed into a 3m square gazebo!

Here is a link to a facebooked video. We can get our videos to upload live to mobile phones, email addresses, facebook, instagram and even twitter! It’s done using special compression but we still manage to keep the videos at high definition. You can see many more jobs on our website under green screen video, we can’t put up every job we do here as we have four teams working every day, but jobs like this are our favourites so we made the effort!


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