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17 March 2023

When Hayu and Amazon Prime wanted to put guests into the new series of Below Decks Down Under, we were the logical choice. Our Video Booth system is compact and fully portable, and produces stunning results very quickly. The guests had great fun starring on deck in the Videos we created for them and shared them all over social media. We had a tiny space to work in, but our compact green screen did the job.

We create the content for our clients using footage they supply, so please respect their copyright. We specialise in branding so of course the physical booth had branding applied. But we also brand the content we create, the emails and texts we send to guests, and the microsite they land on. We can now create videos using AI so can work without a green or blue screen.

AI is great and continues to improve, but has downsides which is why green screen is still used throughout the movie industry. For example, the kangaroo used as a prop would disappear as it’s not human, as would other props . And you need a fast and reliable internet connection. At this event we were underground so we knew it wouldn’t have been ideal.

It’s always great when the influencers and content creators post what we create, that’s the main point of the promotion, and it helps spread the word about a new movie or TV series. As fans of Below Decks and subscribers to Hayu, we made sure it was a great experience. We follow up after each event with Stats and analytics , and were delighted to see Kady had posted, she is a top content creator with millions of followers!

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