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Live View Green Screen photos with Social Media Uploads at the London Baby Show, Excel

10 October 2022

Back to the Excel London again, this time to produce live view Green Screen photographs for the internationally renowned manufacturer Stokke. Stokke are a Scandinavian company who produce the highest quality equipment for babies and infants, and had one of the biggest stands at the London Baby Show. They have very high design standards and only our system met their requirements. Our brief was to let guests try on the excellent Stokke MyCarrier System, then let them be transported to a huge choice of exotic locations away from the cold London climate. Our setup was small and compact as we used our Green Screen Photo Station. Here’s a quick video shot on the iPhone of it running.


Guests loved being able to choose different scenes at the touch of a finger, and it really helped the sales team engage with the visitors. It also attracted a lot of passers by onto the stand. The two ipads and the main screen display a slideshow of recent images and branding as well, which all keeps the activity fresh and engaging. Guests could enter a mobile phone number and instantly receive a link to their photo. They could also facebook, tweet, instagram and email the photographs to themselves. We did hundreds of photos each day and the event was hugely succesful for Stokke. So we are off to Ireland with them for their next event. Here’s how small we can make the setup. Imaginf the green screen being integrated into the stand and it gets even more compact. But as usual with everything we do, everything is of the highest quality.

Our Green Screen Photo Station is a unique system that unlike ordinary systems holds a proper Canon DSLR with pro lighting and huge touch screen, plus has iPads attached. The whole system occupies 18″ square of floor space so is ideal for exhibitions and tight spaces. We popped up a small green screen as this was quite a last minute booking. Usually we would incorporate the green screen into the stand design. In fact we can use any colour to create the green screen effect and for our next job for Stokke (they have already re-booked us as they loved what we did!) we are going to use their corporate Orange colour as a backdrop. Below is a test shot with a dummy baby!

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