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Our new Video and Photo Station is available for hire

10 October 2020

We took the new free standing video station into Gatwick Airport to produce instant green screen photos for the passengers. Our new Video station lets guests see themselves live on screen as they choose different green screen scenes to appear in. Of course it also does video interviews, slow motion videos, and much more.

We created this Video station to show all the photo booth operators how it should be done. Using a proper Canon DSLR with a superb lens and proper portable studio lighting, we can create studio quality full sized photographs instantly, with perfect keying and beautiful colours. Plus of course it is all branded and uploaded live to social media! and it only takes 18″ of floor space!

We don’t even need a green screen as the Video station has special software that lets us instantly remove any background, but it’s quicker with one. The guests choose by touching the screen and instantly see themselves in the scenes at the correct size and position. Then they accept the scene they want, watch the birdie, and in seconds the photograph is branded, green screened and printed, plus uploaded to a dedicated Facebook page!

This is very new technology and we are the only company in the UK running such a system. One person can set it all up and run it, it’s very quick and easy to setup and it takes hardly any space. It can of course also do the little strip photographs, but with the quality we produce it’s a shame to print so small. Call us to book

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