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Outdoor green screen photography for Sky TV

15 January 2023

Our experiental green screen photography and social sharing sharing systems can work outdoors! As long as we have protection from direct sunlight, rain and wind, we can work anywhere. We can even bring our near silent suitcase generator and run without mains power. Our Ringlight booths, roaming photography systems and latest printers can work from our battery packs, so we can cover all sorts of requirements.

So in this job for Sky TV to promote the new Angry Birds 2 movie we worked outside with just a simple gazebo. We used our portable green screen system to pop guests straight into an “Ice Block” as if frozen as in the movie! The guests received a printed photograph instantly, and were delighted with the results.

We also have the option to instantly share images direct to the guests already logged into social media smartphones. They receive a text or email with their images and icons to click to share instantly on facebook, twitter and Instagram. This really boosts the takeup on social sharing and gets a live social buzz going. We have full statistics and of course the client receives all of the images and data after the event if required. We are fully GDPR compliant and can show disclaimers, anonymise data and clear all data after each job.

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