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Step and repeat event photography with instant sharing!

4 May 2023

We were asked to provide Step and Repeat photography with instant prints and social media sharing at the Premiere of Michael Bay’s new movie. Ambulance. We use the best full frame cameras, lenses and soft flash to get stunning photos, but what really makes us different is the VIP guests get the image straight to their smartphones! Here’s one of our latest step and repeat systems complete with screen so guests can see and share the photos instantly!

This system shoots and shares instantly, and also sends a copy straight to our smart photo station wirelessly. By the time the guests have entered a mobile number, or emailed, or used our QR code system, the printed photograph is ready. You can see our smart wireless photo station below. It’s branded as is everything we do, we even programmed the led lighting to match the branding! (and yes we always dress smartly as we are representing our clients brand)

Please bear in mind photos on our website have to be tiny, to keep the website running quickly, we have thousands of events and examples on here, we’ve been going nearly 14 years now! We always have the very best and most up to date hardware and software, so are constantly evolving. Our Step and Repeat system can also be used to wander around an event taking stunning photos which guests love to share instantly online. That helps our clients get a social buzz going while the event is live and on the news channels etc. Below is a (low-res) test shot of Paul & Elaine working the Blue carpet! We also photographed the stars once the guests had gone in, and many VIP’s, but we don’t share those images online.

So if you need fast high quality Step and Repeat photos with instant sharing and printing, at any event, give us a call.

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