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The fastest green screen photographers in the world?

10 October 2022

Is it possible to use green screen photography to capture 1500 people in two hours? While still getting high enough quality images to create printed postcards to send out to everyone at the event the next day? And to link each photograph to the names of the guests in the shot at the same time? That’s the sort of challenge we love, and of course we managed it easily.

The former Co-op pharmacies have recently been rebranded and launched under the name of ‘Well.’ We were tasked with producing postcards like the example below to send out to guests without them realising!

The launch conference was hosted at the ICC in Birmingham. As we only had 2 hours to set everything up, then photograph and green screen the 1500 members of staff, we worked fast. We brought four of our specially made green screens to run simultaneously. Each green screen experience was dedicated to a different divison. So we had four photographers all linked wirelessly to our green screen system.

As you can see from the photograph above we were extremely busy but managed to get through everyone in the time period. Each camera saved the files with pre-assigned filenames so we knew who each person we photographed was. The client then received all of the green screen images at the end of the event, all branded and ready for printing. We like a challenge! Our flexibility linked to our affordability makes us good people to work with. Give us a call anytime to discuss any project. We don’t just do green screen work, it’s what we are known for, but anything digital involving photos or video is possible.

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