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UEFA trophy tour event photos

18 November 2022

We sometimes dry-hire our systems out to trusted clients. For this job they took our instant event photography system with pre printed backdrop out on tour around Europe. The whole system was vinyl wrapped with full brnading. We preset everything and log in remotely each day to fine-tune the system for the ambient light at each event. We also supply live support via a dedicated whatsapp group. Here’s the setup in action.

This system has a professional DSLR inside with dual flash and a really quick PC. The photo printer is inside the really smart case which also houses the wifi, usb chargers for the attached iPad sharing system, and smart led lighting. It’s really fast, we can get thousands of guests through in a day and each guest receives a printed photograph. Guests can also receive a copy of the image by sharing on our social sharing system. Here’s an example of the branded image (low resolution for the internet of course!)

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