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Zootropolis Premiere Green Screen Photographs with Social Media Sharing and Instant Photos

10 October 2022

A very early start for the Green Screen Photography system saw us arriving in Wandsworth, London for a special screening of Zootropolis, the new animated feature film from Disney. Our brief was to entertain the VIP guests as they arrived in the very short period before the screening started. We managed to setup the portable green screen, green screen floor, wireless lighting system, super fast Alienware green screen system, Nikon D4S camera system, the WiFi and the iPads on special stands in 30 minutes flat! And that included testing!

Here is our compact and super fast system fully setup and working. Every person who arrived was quickly photographed by our professional photographer. All of our photographers are fully trained and very experienced which is especially important when dealing with children. All are of course CRB checked. Every shot is instantly transferred wirelessly through our own portable WiFi from the Nikon system to the Alienware. The operator instantly inserts the photograph into the scene in this case 3D artwork created by us from files supplied by Disney. Unlike automated systems such as booths, we can adjust for green clothing, adjust the size of the image, reposition the guest and quickly adjust for any changes in lighting. The operator prints a studio quality large 7″ x 5″ and at the same time the image is transferred wirelessly to our iPad systems. Here’s how the initial image looks.

This is only a low res version of course. But you can see how our system lets us shoot shadow free professional quality images far faster than anyone else. In fact when the guests arrived we photographed, processed, printed and shared the images as fast as they arrived. There was no queue! The slowest part of the process is actually the guests entering their email addresses or mobile phone numbers on the iPad where the images are presented ready for sharing. That’s why we supply two or more. Our record is 355 images in 45 minutes, nothing else comes close and for bigger jobs we can add extra systems and operators. We managed 2000 guests in an hour at one event with four systems running!

We can setup any type of green screen system in any space extremely quickly and we always get the best results. We’ve been doing this for many years at hundreds of events and always get the job done. We don’t hide our pricing like others, we know we offer excellent value and a professional service second to none.

We only use the very best equipment, and if anything new comes out we invest in it. If what we want isn’t avaiable, we get it built. For anything to do with event photography and video get in touch as soon as possible to book us, we really do get fully booked very quickly.

You can see the final image below. It’s copyright Disney of course.

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