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We've been using Green and Blue screens professionally for 13 years. Yes, our new systems can produce the same effect without an actual green screen using Artificial Intelligence, and it's brilliant. But it needs a constant strong internet connection to work, and every image is chargeable by the developers of the AI system. It gets good results but struggles with curly hair, and will remove props from a scene. So for the very best results it's still farbetter to use a real green screen. The movie companies do! 

We work with the very best free standing photo booths which we modify, removing the cheap plastic Dslr and adding a professional quality Dslr with high quality lens. We also work with a professional photograher shooting instead of a booth. The images go straight to our operator who can do things the photo booths can't!  Whatever you need, we have it and know how to get the best results!


By using the latest technology Full Frame Events ensure you get the highest quality results at the fastest possible speed.  Our unique equipment is very portable so we can work anywhere in the world at very affordable prices.  

We use the very best Nikon Pro cameras, the fastest possible Alienware laptops, our own powerful 4G wifi and the latest 
led and wireless lighting.  We hate cables and tripods. Opposite you can see our new prototype photostation surviving a serious test! 
We have the latest Video booths,, Gif Stations, and our amazing new Green Screen Booth. They all work with Green Screen.  We get booked early so contact us as soon as you can to see if we are available.