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By using the latest technology Full Frame Events ensure you get the highest quality results at the fastest possible speed.  Our unique equipment is very portable so we can work anywhere in the world at very affordable prices.  

We use the very best Nikon Pro cameras, the fastest possible Alienware laptops, our own powerful 4G wifi and the latest 
led and wireless lighting.  We hate cables and tripods. Opposite you can see our new prototype photostation surviving a serious test! 
We have the latest Video booths,, Gif Stations, and our amazing new Green Screen Booth. They all work with Green Screen.  We get booked early so contact us as soon as you can to see if we are available.  


Whatever size space you have, indoors or outdoors, anywhere in the world, we can make it work! We've worked succesfully with green screens just a couple of feet wide, we've also had events where we have had four huge green screens running simultaneously to capture 1500 guests in an hour.  We can make a green screen any size at all by linking them together! We can integrate our green or blue screens into your designs for maximum effect and we also have light absorbing paint that can be applied to entire walls.  Our friendly  and professional teams are smart and know how to represent a brand. We work fast whilst relaxing guests so they get the most flattering photographs. And we are flexible. For example when Tiffany wanted a Tiffany Blue Screen, they got it! Best of all, we produce the best results for the lowest cost.