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Step and Repeat Event Photography with instant sharing!
We were asked to provide Step and Repeat photography with instant prints and social media sharing at the Premiere of Michael Bay's new movei. Ambulance. We use the best full frame cameras, lenses and soft flash to get stunning photos, but what really makes us different is the VIP guests get the image straight to their smartphones! Here's one of our latest step and repeat systems complete with screen so guests can see and share the photos instantly! 

This system shoots and shares instantly, and also sends a copy straight to our smart photo station wirelessly. By the time the guests have enetered a mobile number, or emailed, or used our QR code system, the printed photograph is ready. You can see our smart wireless photo station below. It's branded as is everything we do, we even programmed the led lighting to match the branding! (and yes we always dress smartly as we are representing our clients brand) 

Please bear in mind photos on our website have to be tiny, to keep the website running quickly, we have thousands of events and examples on here, we've been going nearly 14 years now! We always have the very best and most up to date hardware and software, so are constantly evolving. Our Step and Repeat system can also be used to wander around an event taking stunning photos which guests love to share instantly online. That helps our clients get a social buzz going while the event is live and on the news channels etc. Below is a (low-res) test shot of Paul & Elaine working the Blue carpet! We also photographed the stars once the guests had gone in, and many VIP's, but we don't share those images online.

So if you need fast high quality Step and Repeat photos with instant sharing and printing, at any event, give us a call.

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AI Video in action!
We ran two video and photography marketing activations at the Premiere of Michael Bay's new movie, Ambulance. We used AI video upstairs, you can see how we did the AI video below, and a copy of the actual AI output. (See our blog post entitled Step and Repeat photography for the other activation)

We can replace any background completely using AI but for this job we didn't need to. Instead we added  the title treatment and branding, slow motion and simulated paparazzi flashes using our AI software. The process was extemely fast, it has to be when we only have an hour with the VIP's and need to get them into the screens in time for the premiere. We made 64 videos including sharing them to the guests instantly to create a live social buzz online. Here's us testing the AI video setup with actor Gary Reimer.

Because of the current situation in Ukraine we decided not to go with anything involving explosions, smoke, flashing red and blue lights etc out of respect. Instead guests were invited to experience how a star feels walking onto the red carpet and posing for the paparazzi. They absolutely loved what we produced as they didn't know we would be adding dramatic slow motion and the flashgun effect. Here's how the above example with Gary Reimer looked.
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AI Photos at Sonic 2 Premiere
This is our first event producing photographs using Artificial Intelligence to remove the background and place guests in the scenes of their choice! When we created the AI event for the premiere of Sonic 2 in Leicester Square, London, our client initially wanted a blue screen to match the theme. We have been working with blue and green screens for many years, right back to the late 70's and 80's when we worked on movies. But it's not easy to fit the screen into some venues. and it doesn't look as visually appealing as a pre-printed backdrop or scene. We have been involved with the development of AI background removal and used early versions as far back as ten years ago! 

Now technology has at last caught up with us, the power of the M1 processor lets us shoot, remove the background using AI and replace it with a themed backdrop. Quickly and accurately. Below is a video of our early testing showing us setting up this job. 

So in the photos from the event you will see a blue screen. That's because this was the first time we had used AI photography live at an event. When we work at movie premieres we have a very short time with all the guests and VIP's before they go in to watch the movie. Usually we have an hour and around 100 guests and VIP's. So to get everyone through with an AI generated photo printed and shared means a fast efficient workflow. We were worried that the AI wouldnt be as fast as using a Blue screen. And the client wanted something in the space for people to stand in front of. We like to have a backup of everything we do, so this is an ideal test! As you can see from the test results below, the quality was just as good as the blue screen, and we know how to use those properly with years of experience. And it was almost as quick as using a blue screen!

AI photograph with Sonic

AI photograph with Knuckles

Guests could choose from Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. we printed 200 photographs and shot 130 scenes (some have more than person in!) And shared the images straight to the guests mobiles. AI photography is a very new technique, and it finally has the speed and quality we need to be viable at any event. So now you don't need a green screen, blue screen or even a printed backdrop to create amazing memories, as long as you have a professional photographer, AI does it all!

We made photos for all of Idris Elba's kids, who loved them, and managed to grab a shot with Sir Mo as seen below. Who would win :) 

Sonic 2 Premiere Sir Mo
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Live Video booth at Events
When Hayu and Amazon Prime wanted to put guests into the new series of Below Decks Down Under, we were the logical choice. Our Video Booth system is compact and fully portable, and produces stunning results very quickly. The guests had great fun starring on deck in the Videos we created for them and shared them all over social media. We had a tiny space to work in, but our compact green screen did the job.

We create the content for our clients using footage they supply, so please respect their copyright. We specialise in branding so of course the physical booth had branding applied. But we also brand the content we create, the emails and texts we send to guests, and the microsite they land on. We can now create videos using AI so can work without a green or blue screen.

AI is great and continues to improve, but has downsides which is why green screen is still used throughout the movie industry. For example, the kangaroo used as a prop would disappear as it's not human, as would other props . And you need a fast and reliable internet connection. At this event we were underground so we knew it wouldn't have been ideal. 

It's always great when the influencers and content creators post what we create, that's the main point of the promotion, and it helps spread the word about a new movie or TV series. As fans of Below Decks and subscribers to Hayu, we made sure it was a great experience. We follow up after each event with Stats and analytics , and were delighted to see Kady had posted, she is a top content creator with millions of followers!

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360 Spin Booth System for Corporate Events
Our new 360 Spin Video System is very different to anything else. Firstly we can use AI to remove the backgrounds and replace them with video. Secondly we run off powerful batteries so don't need cables. Thirdly we do all the filming, branding, processing, effects and social sharing direct from the camera! It's a very new system and we will be posting a whole area on our website to show what it can do. 

Until then this is what we did using a traditional spin 360 system at the O2 Arena for at the Country and Western show for three days.

Even for this job we added layers to the video to produce the amazing effects and to reduce the amount of background shown in the video. We have vignettes, smoke, colour changing, even fire! And of course branding. We produced hundreds of video over the three days and the client was very happy with amount of social media exposure they received for their excellent Country Music TV channel. 

The problem with most 360 video "booths" is they are purchased cheaply from China, they don't have the safety features we insist on, are liable to break mid job or not work at all, and need cables to power them and the gopro cameras they use. But the biggest problem is the amateur operators don't understand how to frame video or how to light it. The videos are too long and not branded, it takes too long for each guest to have a go and the results are awful. Don't confuse us with those, we understand branding, workflow, safety and quality. 
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Event Photographs with instant prints and social sharing

We don't always use green screens. For this job we were at the world famous Odeon Leicester Square in London for the Premiere of Death on the Nile. We only had 45 minutes with the VIP guests, many of whom were professional content creators. We did over a 100 really high quality shoots, and and everyone got a printed 6x6" photo and a branded link to download their images. 

roaming event photographer


Our new systems let us take professional quality event photographs and share them instantly with guests for live social exposure and Instagram feeds while the event is live! We also printed large 6" x 6" photographs for the guests. This creates an amazing social buzz, and the guests love the quality we get.  (For non-photographers, the reason the preview on the camera and ipad screen don't match the set is because the flash only goes off for the photos which are profesionally white balanced:)

instant photo printing at events

Above you can see our smart print and share station which also has our own powerful wifi. Ignore the lighting stands! This can be fully branded with a vinyl wrap. Photos are sent wirelessly from the camera system and printed quickly. For this job we did 6x6" large square Instagrammable images! Our software is itelligent enough to count the faces in a photo and print one for each person. Below is a sample image from while we were colour balancing. All the images on this page are very low res btw, to keep our website fast. The actual photos guests receive are very high res but optimised for fast uploads and sharing on Instagram, Tik-Tok, Facebook, Twitter. Below is the actual shot from the scene above. We add branding of course!

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