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Roaming Photography with Instant sharing at events

Roaming Event Photography with instant sharing and printing will amaze your guests. Pro photographers always get asked "How do we get the photos?" Now the guests can receive them instantly as our cameras  are linked to the new iPads! .

The guests can instantly share the images to their mobiles just by entering their mobile number or scanning a QR code! 
We can direct guests to a central photo print station to collect their photos, or just share digitally. This will create a lot of interest online in your brand and your event while it is live. Guests share images of the event live with friends on their social media. This is ideal for corporate events, Gala dinners, product launches, sporting events and of course festivals. 
Green Screen Photographer for Events
Our Roaming Event Photographers covered the Formula 1 British Grand Prix. Guests had their photos taken around the clients displays, and were delighted to be able to receive them instantly, branded, ready to share with friends worldwide. 
We also sent these wirelessly to our Mosaic software to create a stunning piece of art each day. We can combine the roaming event photogpahy service with our high-end booths so guests can also do sfx videos, boomerang gifs and much more. Contact us to book. 01442 255915, speak to any of the team.

We brand the attract screen, add branding to the photos before they are sent, and can add calls to action, weblinks and much more to the emails and texts we send out. We understand the value of a brand and represent you properly. Our Roaming Event Photographers are presentable and personable. 
Green Screen Photographer for Events
We cover Roaming video too!
We have incoprated the same new technology to allow us to roam an event with our new iPad M1 systems with proper lighting and microphones. Guests can be recorded taking part in activities, they can create SFX videos and we can do video interviews. All can be shared straight to the guests email address. Roaming Video with instant sharing is very new! Here we did branded slow motion videos with instant shares for Old El Paso. 

Unusual Request? Try us!
We've worked all over the world at all kinds of events. We can cover just about anything requiring video or photography. If we don't have the right gear, we will get it.  We travel light and are sensible with our pricing. That's why we are so busy and have so much repeat business from companies such as HSBC, Microsoft, Disney, Tesco and many more. take a look at our past events to see the variety of work we cover.