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SOCIAL sharing 

We create amazing photos, immersive GIF movies and stunning green screen videos that your guests and clients will really want to share. That's the whole point of what we do! 

All of our activities work with our Social Media Stations to achieve this. 


Our unique app lets us use iPads or Windows tablets linked wirelessly to our green screen system. Guests can instantly text, email, facebook, tweet and instagram their masterpieces. We include disclaimers, data capture, surveys and full reporting. It's instant, simple, and very effective. But we go a step further!

Green Screen Photographer for Events



At live events we noticed most guests preferred to email or text their creations. Some don't want to login to facebook, twitter or instagram, some can't remember their login details! And when guests do email or text, we couldn't track what happened next. 

So we now create custom branded microsites for you. When guests email or text  (which is always faster!) they quickly receive a link on their mobile device from the branded microsite showing their images or videos.

They click on the tweet, instagram or facebook buttons and are instantly able to share! And we can then track the shares and Social Spread. They can also download direct of course. 


We can capture guests data through surveys, show disclaimers, capture email addresses, send customised emails with images attached, send customised emails with videos attached, use RFID stations or QR code readers to capture data automatically.

We can let  guests upload instantly to their own facebook page, instagram account or twitter feed, let guests send SMS messages, upload to dedicated facebook pages, let guests like a page, upload to websites, send videos to deciated youtube channels, stream live video at an event, and use preset tweets.

We run slideshows, run a twitter wall, provide full reporting, show terms and conditions, run competitions......whatever you need we can do it!