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Event Photography with Social Uploads

Want to make your event memorable for your attendees?

As professional event photographers, we are often asked by guests how they get the photos. Our Roaming Event Photographers can share photographs instantly with your guests at events. Working with the latest iPads attached to our cameras, we use special software that adds branding to the photograph. Guests enter a mobile number, email address or scan a QR code and the branded image is sent to them. They can then share on their social media whilst at the event!

Roaming Event Photographs guests can share

Our professional photographers roam around your event and take high quality photographs. The guests receive them instantly on their mobiles ready to share online while the event is live! We can also let guests collect a printed photo from a central print station.

By using our roaming event photographers the guests get beautiful professional quality branded photos they will want to share with friends straight away. This generates a social buzz for your event as we can include hashtags, calls to action and weblinks in the message we send. Instantly!

Roaming Photos and Videos Live

We’ve gone a stage further with our roaming professionals, adding video as well! Here you can see our instant video setup being used to shoot slow-motion slam dunks for Old El Paso. The videos are filmed, rendered, special effects added, branded and available to send to the guests instantly!

We can collect data or anonymise it depending on your requirements, we are fully GDPR compliant, fully insured, and have RAMS ready to go.

Guests enjoy the experiences we create, especially when they can get their videos or photographs instantly to share with friends and on groups. We provide full analytics the day after the event and links to where the client can download the images if required.

How it looks

Here you can see some of our lightweight and very portable roaming photography systems. We use professional Canon DSLR’s with high-end lenses and soft flash for roaming at events. We use 12.9″ iPad Pro M1’s at events where we won’t be moving as much, such as shooting and sharing live on step and repeat boards. For this we also use the Canon R full frame cameras for sheer quality. Guests can share instantly to their mobiles.

If we need to be really mobile as at sports events or product launches with multiple activites, we go for the smaller but equally powerful Canon M class mirrorless cameras with the new iPad mini for sharing. We use lightweight Carbon Fiber monopods to get around the event quickly but to have the stability for large group shots

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is Roaming Video and Roaming Photography?

Roaming Video and Roaming Photography is a unique service where our professional team roams around your event, capturing beautifully shot photographs and engaging videos in real-time.

How does Roaming Video and Roaming Photography work?

Our team moves throughout the event space, utilizing professional cameras and lighting to capture high-quality photos and videos. We engage with guests, creating memorable moments that are instantly shared with them.

Can you explain the branding aspect of your service?

Absolutely! We ensure that all content created, including photos and videos, are fully branded with your logo and message. This also includes a branded email and microsite where guests share their images. This personalized touch adds a professional and cohesive element to your event experience.

How do guests receive their branded content?

Guests receive their branded photos and videos directly to their mobile devices via our seamless sharing system. They can easily access and share their personalized content while the event is still live.

What types of events do you cater to?

We cater to a wide range of events, including weddings, corporate events, parties, conferences, and more. No matter the occasion, Roaming Video and Roaming Photography adds an interactive and memorable element to any event.

Event Photography in Action