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Roaming Photography and Video

Enhance Your Event with Roaming Photography and Video

Elevate your next event with our cutting-edge Roaming Photo and Video services, designed to capture dynamic, professional-quality images and videos. Unlike a traditional event photographer, we roam your event, instantly share branded videos and photographs with your guests.

Taking the cameras to the guests ensures full coverage even at huge events. We specialise in providing seamless, real-time digital experiences that keep your guests engaged and connected. At larger events like Music festivals, Sporting events, and at bigger venues, we deploy multiple Roamers to cover the crowds. 

Our Roaming photographers cover your event fully! 

Our Event Roamers roam around your event and take high quality branded photographs and videos. The guests receive them instantly on their mobiles ready to share online while the event is live! We can also let guests collect a printed photo from a central print station.

By using one or more of our Event Roamers the guests get beautiful professional quality branded photos they will want to share with friends straight away. This generates a social buzz for your event as we can include hashtags, calls to action and weblinks in the message we send. Instantly!

Our Event Roaming systems bring the internet with them. Where there’s no signal, we provide a powerful internet system at the base area. Whenever we return from a roaming session all the content is uploaded. Guests who want to share their content can also log on here and share.

Roaming Photos and Videos Live

 Our roaming photography setups are designed for quality and mobility.. We utilise top-of-the-line Canon cameras with high-end lenses and soft flash for roaming photography and video. Roaming Videos and Photographs are shown to guests instantly and are shared.   For events requiring less movement, such as step and repeat boards, we use larger  iPad Pro’s paired with bigger Canon full-frame cameras to ensure the highest image quality.

Event Roamers ready for action

For highly mobile needs, such as Stadium events and Festivals,  or product launches with multiple activities, we opt for the compact yet powerful Canon mirrorless cameras with soft speedlights. This combination allows multiple Event Roamers to move quickly and efficiently throughout your event while maintaining the stability needed for perfect shots.

Roaming videos with audio.

Our lighweight battery pack powered Event Roamers can range across fields, stadiums and exhibition centers, bringing your brand to the guests. We even have wireless microphones for interviews and to capture content.

After your event, we provide comprehensive analytics detailing the reach and engagement of the shared content. We also offer clients access to download the images, ensuring you have all the visuals captured during your event. The Event Roamer can reach places a standard photobooth can’t, behind the scenes and in distant corners or a huge event for example.  This service is particularly beneficial for enhancing your post-event marketing strategies

Are you ready to make your next event unforgettable with our Event Roamers and  instant sharing capabilities? Contact us today to learn more about our  Event Roamer services and how we can help you create a vibrant, interactive experience that your guests will love and remember. Let us help you capture every moment and maximise your event’s impact with our expert Roaming solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is an Event Roamer?

Imagine all the tech of a fully featured photo and video booth that can be carried in one hand! That’s our  Event Roamer!  Our professional team roams around your event, capturing beautifully shot photographs and engaging videos in real-time.

How does Roaming Video and Roaming Photography work?

Our Event Roamer team moves throughout the event space, utilising professional cameras and lighting to capture high-quality photos and videos. We engage with guests, creating memorable moments that are instantly shared with them.

Can you explain the branding aspect of your service?

Absolutely! We ensure that all content created, including photos and videos, are fully branded with your logo and message. This also includes a branded email and microsite where guests share their images. This personalized touch adds a professional and cohesive element to your event experience.

How do guests receive their branded content?

Guests receive their branded photos and videos directly to their mobile devices via our seamless sharing system. They can easily access and share their personalized content while the event is still live.

What types of events do you cater to?

We cater to a wide range of events, including Music Festivals, Sports Events, Corporate events, parties, conferences, and more. No matter the occasion, our Event Roamer adds an interactive and memorable element to any event.

Event Roamers in Action