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Glambot Robot Camera

Want to make your event memorable for your attendees?

Our GlamBot is compact and fits in any venue! It moves faster and further than others and with pro lighting will ensure guests look flawless. We have a greater range of movement than other robot arms, and can fully customise the tracking. So we can drop guests into a trailer or scene and match the movement of the original camera so it looks real. And of course our GlamCam works with green screen.Or without using AI! 

4K Quality

Our unique compact GlamBot red carpet robot is tried and tested! Our Glambot has featured on the Red Carpet for major film premieres such as Barbie, Little Mermaid, Mission Impossible, Napoloeon and more.  

We made Glambot videos at the F1 British Grand Prix, and ran flat out for a week in Paris for Sega at Paris Games Week. We’ve worked with makeup and beauty brands such as E.L.F..

Our Glambot has delighted guests at Hilton Secret Social events, and appeared at many prestigious awards and marketing events. Unlike others, ours has faster movement, a longer reach and produces stunning full HD slow motion videos ready to share instantly! 

Oscars Ready

You may have seen the huge amazing Glambot at the Oscars. The Bolt arm moves the high speed camera around the guests and produces a stunning moving video with the high speed camera capturing beautiful slow-motion.

It’s an amazing system but is extremely expensive to buy or hire and requires a whole team to install and skilled cameramen to operate. It can’t go indoors as it’s extremely heavy. And each video needs to be edited before it can be shared. Ours doesn’t.

We can film and share over 100 videos in the hour before a Premiere or as guests arrive at an event. And unlike others, ours has been tried and tested at many events!


Add your branding

Our GlamBot will achieve the same effects and 4K high speed slowmotion. But it only takes up a small space, (3 m sq.) and can be hand carried into an event. It looks amazing in action, it’s extremely fast but perfectly safe. It’s a fraction of the cost too! The high speed camera moves rapidly around the guests, capturing beautiful angles and slow motion up to 240 frames per second! Guest can choose from a range of preset Glambot style movements, effects and filters. Our unique sliding motorised base gives us greater range than other robot arms, its also extremely smooth with no camera shake!

We can fully brand the lightweight GlamBot support stand on all four sides, every video we create is fully branded for you. When guests share immediately after each shoot, they are sent to a fully customisable branded microsite. If they choose email they receive a fully branded customised email with calls to action, hashtags etc, we know branding is key. We work white-labelled of course.

Pricing is a tiny fraction of what the huge Glambot costs.  Discounts are available for multi-day events and tours. 

Glambot Robot Camera in Action