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Glambot | Rent or Hire in the UK

Contact us to rent or hire our unique GlamBot. Our tried and tested Glambot Red Carpet Robot has been hired in to major film premieres and high end events for over a year. We were the first to bringing affordable Glambot to the UK  so have a vast portfolio of Glambot events and the experience to match. Our rental prices include all the design work and branding!

Rent or Hire our Glambot with confidence, we have completed dozens of high pressure events  over the last year and know how to get the best quality and create an experience your guests will want to share.

Our Glambot moves faster and further than others and with our pro lighting will ensure guests look flawless. We produce full HD 240fps slow motion videos instantly, with effects and branding ready to share on social media.

We have a greater range of movement than other Glambot robot arms thanks to our unique powered track, and can fully customise the tracking. So we can drop guests into a trailer or scene and match the movement of the original camera so it looks real. And of course our GlamCam works with green screen. Or without, using AI to replace the background.

Super Slow Motion 4K Quality

Our unique compact GlamBot red carpet robot is fully tried and tested! Our Glambot has been hired for the Red Carpet for major film premieres such as Barbie, Little Mermaid, Mission Impossible, Aryglle, Napoloeon and more.

Hilton rented our Glambot videos for the F1 British Grand Prix, and we ran flat out for a week in Paris for Sega at Paris Games Week. We’ve worked with makeup and beauty brands such as E.L.F.. and L’Oreal.

The Glambot has delighted guests at Hilton Secret Social events, and appeared at many prestigious awards and marketing events. Unlike others, ours has faster movement, a longer reach and produces stunning full HD slow motion videos ready to share instantly. Below is a quick sample reel showing just some of the amazing events we have worked at.

Glambot | Oscars Ready

You may have seen the amazing huge Glambot at the Oscars. The Bolt arm moves the high speed camera around the guests and produces a stunning moving video with the high speed camera capturing beautiful slow-motion.

It’s an amazing system but is extremely expensive to buy or hire and requires a whole team to install and skilled cameramen to operate. It can’t go indoors as it’s extremely heavy. And each video needs to be edited before it can be shared. Ours doesn’t.

We can film 200 guests in the hour before a Premiere or as guests arrive at an event. And unlike others, ours has been tried and tested at many events!


Branding the Glambot.

Our GlamBot will achieve the same effects and 4K high speed slow motion as the huge Bolt system. But it only takes up a small space, (3 m sq.) and can be hand carried into an event. It looks amazing in action, it’s extremely fast but perfectly safe. It’s a fraction of the cost too! The high speed camera moves rapidly around the guests, capturing beautiful angles and slow motion up to 240 frames per second! Guest can choose from a range of pre-set Glambot style movements, effects and filters. Our unique sliding motorised base gives us greater range than other robot arms, it’s also extremely smooth with no camera shake!

We can fully brand the lightweight GlamBot support stand on all four sides, every video we create is fully branded for you. When guests share immediately after each shoot, they are sent to a fully customisable branded microsite. If they choose email they receive a fully branded customised email with calls to action, hashtags etc, we know branding is key. We work white-labelled of course.

Pricing is a tiny fraction of what the huge Glambot costs.  Discounts are available for multi-day events and tours.

Glambot Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Where can we hire a Glambot?
Contact Luke to check availability of Glambot Hire and Rental for your area. We cover London, the UK and Europe. We do get booked in advance for all the Movie premieres but have multiple teams.
How does the Glambot work?
The high speed camera moves rapidly around the guests, capturing beautiful angles and slow motion up to 240 frames per second! Guest can choose from a range of pre-set Glambot style movements, effects and filters. Our unique sliding motorised base gives us greater range than other robot arms, it’s also extremely smooth with no camera shake!
How much space does a Glambot need?
Our Glambot is extremely compact. We only need a space 1.5m wide by 3m deep if working longways on for the classic Glambot fast Zoom. If we are flying the camera around for a music style video, we work sideways on so require a 3m wide by 3m deep area. We’ve put the Glambot into smaller spaces, and much larger spaces, we are very flexible and can help build sets for the best Glambot experience.
What Camera does a Glambot use?
We have a variety of cameras we use. From the full frame Canon R5 or R6 MK2 to the smaller but better stabilised GoPro 12 with special hardware. The full frame sensors are better in low light, the GoPro will give great results if well lit. We will work with you to make sure you get the correct camera and lens combination for your particular event. When you rent or hire a Glambot from us  we will know in advance what effects, speed and movements you will need. And what the lighting conditions will be. These all affect which camera you need to use. We are the only company that does this. In our opinion it’s essential!
How many staff are needed to run a Glambot experience?
We always supply two fully trained staff with every Glambot activation. One to operate the equipment and one to interact with and help direct the guests. At busy film premieres where we have to get as many as 200 VIPs through  the Glambot experience in an hour we supply a third attendant for safety control and can also train your own brand ambassadors to run a Glambot sharing station to speed up the workflow.
Can the Glambot work outdoors?
Yes, our Glambot can  be rented or hired for outdoor work. In fact all of the Red Carpet movie premieres we have had the Glambot hired in for have been outdoors. Throughout the best and worst our British weather can throw at us. We do ask for cover if rain is expected, and have a tilting parasol that allows us to stay set up in bad conditions. Obviously if it’s pouring with rain, guests may not want to take part in the Glambot experience, but our system is flexible and easy to quickly move indoors.
What does a Glambot cost to rent or hire in the UK?
Every Glambot activation is different and is tailored for your exact needs. We design the movements, create the backing footage and overlay layers, brand everything from the Glambot surround to the start screens, and get everything signed off before we arrive. No matter how many edits it takes. A one hour live shoot may involve days of work beforehand. A one week long activation running 8 hours a day like the Glambot rental we did at Paris Games Week will of course be priced competitively as we don’t need to setup and pack down each day, and can use the same video settings each day. We don’t believe in offering a low “prices start from” figure then adding extras on top. If you can afford us, we are the best at what we do. Contact Luke here and we will quickly work out costs for you.
Can we customise the branding for the photo or video booth output?
Yes. We will happily work with you closely to create a selection bespoke photo or video booth templates. We can either create the borders from scratch or can work with existing artwork you have to customise them for your event. Our trained in house designers can work to your brand guidelines or personal preference until you are 100% satisfied with the design. Once the photo or video branding is approved we will then match these to designs to your custom email template and microsite template. These are what the guests will see when receiving the digital copies of their photo and video outputs.
Can we customise the branding on the photo or video booth itself?
Yes. Just like with the digital and physical branded outputs, you can also brand all of our photo and video booth systems with digital or physical branding. Our Tower booth system offers a brandable digital screen and our other systems can be wrapped in branded vinyl. Our Glambot system can be branded with custom printed foamex boards.
Can we choose from different backdrops?
Yes. Whether it’s for a corporate event or wedding, we offer a range of printed backdrops as well as our popular green screen and AI photo and video booth backdrops. We can also custom print any backdrops at any size. Speak to one of our team to find out more.
Does the equipment include attendants?
Yes. Unless you specifically wish to dry hire one of our HALO photobooths, we always supply at least 2 photobooth attendants to run the events. Our specially trained operators will ensure your event runs smoothly. Whether it’s for event photography with social sharing or even Glambot hire, rest assured you will always have 2 qualified staff members at your event. For longer days of photobooth hire we will provide more than 2 attendants to make sure they can take the relevant breaks whilst keeping the booth running.
Do we get access to the digital copies post event?
Yes. As soon as the photo or video booth is finished operating, we will send a link to download all of the images and view the sharing analytics. This page will also be branded to match the style of the photo or video outputs or your corporate event branding in general. With our instant photobooth printing systems we make sure that every guest receives both a printed and digital image. The photo and video’s in the gallery can be made either public to view by all guests or private, it is up to you!

Glambot Robot Camera in Action