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Video Booth

Want to make your event memorable for your attendees?

Compact and easily carried in by one person, this is a powerful system using the very latest tech. You can shoot in front of a pre printed scene or a green screen. As the effects are applied to the video directly it works with either.

Video Booth with SFX!

Our brand new Video Booth system will amaze clients, delight guests and really get the social buzz going. 

Branded solutions

We can add overlay layers of special effects and branding, and with the green screen add moving backdrops too!

We created thousands of these videos for Amazon Prime at London Comic-Con. We can run this software on iPads anywhere in the world with remote support, so it’s scaleable for large roll-outs and launches.

Creative freedom

We worked with Livestock Productions on this job for a new YouTube channel called “PULPED.” Together we created branding, backing videos and the overlay with animated “PULPED” graphic. We also created the branded microsite link which the guests instantly receive on their smartphones, ready to share at the press of an icon! 
We have a vast variety of special effects we can apply. It all happens automatically. Guests choose their video theme from the front panel, (then check their hair and makeup in the mirrored front), and create a fast video in just 3 seconds! We give them direction depending on the event, from a simple cheers to full on party mode!

Have a closer look

With our Video booth system we can brand the actual video booth with a wrap, brand the startup screen with an animated attract screen, brand the actual videos and any photographs we print, and any messages we send out! Yes we can print photographs too, 6×4″ or on trend 6×6″!

We can also email the videos,  facebook them, tweet them and instagram them, all live in real time with presets. And we can add filters, run without power and much more. Our sensible pricing will suprise you, our professional staff love what they do from creation to actually attending the event, and the quality will amaze you and your guests. This is brand new tech, just out of beta testing, we will add more examples as we do more jobs, but here’s what our very first clients Zoe and Claudine from Livestock said…

It was a fantastic night!  Thank you providing us with such a fun and innovative photobooth. It was a total highlight of the event. You were great with the guests, and the booth was extremely popular.”

Here’s a closer look at some of the hundreds of videos we created which also produced a huge amount of web traffic and social buzz for the Pulped channel. Check them out on YouTube #GetPulped

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Can we customise the branding for the photo or video booth output?

Yes. We will happily work with you closely to create a selection bespoke photo or video booth templates. We can either create the borders from scratch or can work with existing artwork you have to customise them for your event. Our trained in house designers can work to your brand guidelines or personal preference until you are 100% satisfied with the design. Once the photo or video branding is approved we will then match these to designs to your custom email template and microsite template. These are what the guests will see when receiving the digital copies of their photo and video outputs.

Can we customise the branding on the photo or video booth itself?
Yes. Just like with the digital and physical branded outputs, you can also brand all of our photo and video booth systems with digital or physical branding. Our Tower booth system offers a brandable digital screen and our other systems can be wrapped in branded vinyl. Our Glambot system can be branded with custom printed foamex boards.
Can we choose from different backdrops?
Yes. Whether it's for a corporate event or wedding, we offer a range of printed backdrops as well as our popular green screen and AI photo and video booth backdrops. We can also custom print any backdrops at any size. Speak to one of our team to find out more.
Does the equipment include attendants?
Yes. Unless you specifically wish to dry hire one of our HALO photobooths, we always supply at least 2 photobooth attendants to run the events. Our specially trained operators will ensure your event runs smoothly. Whether it’s for event photography with social sharing or even Glambot hire, rest assured you will always have 2 qualified staff members at your event. For longer days of photobooth hire we will provide more than 2 attendants to make sure they can take the relevant breaks whilst keeping the booth running.
Do we get access to the digital copies post event?
Yes. As soon as the photo or video booth is finished operating, we will send a link to download all of the images and view the sharing analytics. This page will also be branded to match the style of the photo or video outputs or your corporate event branding in general. With our instant photobooth printing systems we make sure that every guest receives both a printed and digital image. The photo and video’s in the gallery can be made either public to view by all guests or private, it is up to you!

Video Booth in Action