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360° Spin Booth

Want to make your event memorable for your attendees?

We’ve used 360 degree spin booths in the past to create special slow motion videos for guests live at events. Now we have the latest professional quality portable version which takes less space and is suitable for busy events as the video processes faster.

Stunning Branded Videos

We don’t need power cables or messy lighting, this is the latest 360 spin platform which is linked by bluetooth to our unique 360 spin software to quickly create stunning branded videos. Call Luke on 01442 255915 to book.

Video Effects

We use our special software to add video effects and branding to the videos, which are full HD and shared instantly.  We can use branded graphics or remove the background using AI technology and replace it with whatever you like. Or use a green screen.

Integrating a green screen into your event or exhibition stand is simple and smart.  Our green screen material is light absorbing, fireproof and easy to use in any design. For big spaces or difficult shapes, special light absorbing green screen paint can be applied. Blue screens are also available if green clashes with your design.

Instant Editing

The videos we produce are instantly edited and set to the beat of the music. We can make each one unique. Our 360 degree booth is full HD unlike others, and as experienced videographers we know how to make everyone look good. As the 360 spinning arm is  very stable, we can use pro DSLR’s, and a beautiful battery pack powered ringlight.

Call us to book, we only need a 3m space and can get one, two or three guests on the very stable platform . The quality is amazing and we know how to represent a brand, with full RAMS ready to go.

Our 360° Spin Booth Video Work



Western Theme

Christmas Party

360° Spin Booth in Action